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Apr 11, 2013 05:57 PM

Sushi Please

Hi Hounds!
I'm headed on my annual trek to NYC from Charleston in May and looking forward to some great food!! This year I would love to add a Sushi stop for lunch. I woul love some suggesions! Thank you!!

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    1. Top spots on this board seem to be 15 East and Sushi Yasuda. I concur.

      Ichimura at brustroke also well-regarded.

      Newer places include Soto and Neta.

      Do a search for sushi and you'll see lots of very well-informed 'hounds' spirited threads.

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      1. re: thegforceny

        FWIW, if I had to choose between 15 East and Yasuda, I'd pick the latter for the better overall experience. Kurumazushi also has very high quality fish.

          1. re: MaryMelissa

            don't forget to ask for sushi bar. Not the same experience sitting at a table

          2. re: JungMann

            I would choose 15 East over all places.

        1. The last time I checked -- and some of my info is a little dated, so everyone keep me honest -- the top tier is made up of:

          Sushi Yasuda
          Sushi of Gari
          15 East
          (Jewel Bako)

          Some notes:

          -- Omakase is arguably (and in my opinion) the best way to enjoy a one-off visit to these places.
          -- Masa is (g)astronimically expensive, out of the league of most casual diners. If you can afford it, omakase at Masa is considered by many (many -- not everyone) to be the best sushi experience in NYC.
          -- While Masa is the most expensive, none of the others is close to cheap, especially for omakase.
          -- Jewel Bako is very good, but inferior to the others, and was only often considered along with them years ago; I include it for the sake of completeness. Actually I thought it had closed.
          -- 15 East is newer (or its fame is newer) than the others.
          -- I've heard that Yasuda-san moved on from Sushi Yasuda and there has been a quality fall-off since then.

          I've personally experienced Jewel Bako (long ago), Sushi of Gari, Sushi Yasuda and 15 East. JB was quite good. I thought post-Yasuda Yasuda was great, but didn't live up to its historical reputation. 15 East was great and Sushi of Gari is very great. Gari is more experimental; Kurumazushi is supposed to be fantastic and more traditional.

          If I had one try at this, I'd do omakase at Kurumazushi. Not sure if that's restricted to dinner hours.

          Finally, a lot of people like Nobu. It's good, but I don't think it's in the same league as the others, and it's a royal pain in the ass to make a reservation or walk in to.

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          1. re: guanubian

            You do realize that Kurumazushi omakase ends up being almost as much as Masa if you want to be full? The last time I ate omakase there was dinner about 5 years ago and the (just) food bill for two people was $900. They do have some reasonably priced lunch specials now though.

            My guess is your info is quite dated. 15 East has had its fame for quite a while now, and chef Shimizu used to work at JB which would explain the divergence of the two places.

            I only find Gari to be very good in the original UES location, and meh at the other branches. I actually prefer Sushi Seki over Gari for the same kind of sushi.

            The most recent full discussion on the best sushi in NYC should be this one:

            Responding to OP, it depends what you are looking for (just fish/rice or overall experience), how much $($$$) you're willing to spend, and your personal experience in eating sushi. Without all that information to go on, for lunch I would recommend Yasuda and I don't think it's close in terms of quality/value vs other sushi spots in the city when it comes to lunch.

            1. re: fooder

              "You do realize that Kurumazushi omakase ends up being almost as much as Masa if you want to be full?"

              Nope. I thought it was $200-$300 range. Good catch.

          2. A newer spot, if you end up on the UWS, is Sushi Yasaka. It's very reasonable, from the lights-out lunch special ($12 or so) to the mini omakase ($25 or so for six pieces + roll), for very good quality. I'm attaching a pic of the full omakase, which is $40ish.

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            1. re: JeffOverley

              Yasaka is very good and an even better value but it's not at the same quality/price level as 15 East and Sushi Yasuda.

              1. re: JeffOverley

                I will have to try this. I live on the UWS and love sushi. The top places are great, but, of course, very expensive. Good quality at reasonable prices is a good goal for a "once a week" place.

                1. re: plf515

                  Then you will love Sushi Yasaka then, my other favorite in the UWS is Geisha Table. Overall a very pricey restaurant but their chirashi bowl is a steal at $35. A big bowl of really great quality seafood

              2. I second Sushi Yasaka on the UWS. At one point in time my parents spoiled me with a meal at Kurumazushi (which was incredible as everyone else says) but I will say that Sushi Yasaka has really great quality of fish. I'm super picky when it comes to sushi and I'm thrilled I found a moderately priced sushi place with great fish.