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New Strip T's Thread for 2013:Excellence and Innovation Continue

Had the good fortune to snag the only unreserved table at 5PM today(!) I was really hoping to have a repeat of the phenomenal shaved whey- cured foie gras, but that was gone. This menu has a LOT of new items. Except for the Fish and Chips, Moxie wings, and the Wicked Small Caesar,I don't think I saw any items from the 370 posts thread begun in July 2011.
Highlights tonight:
- Bluefish w/ Labne and Carrot Jam
It's interesting when a dish is revelatory but not because it is complex or sophisticated. This bluefish was like that for me because I saw how special was the combination of rich meaty bluefish with creamy tart labne. I usually just bake my bluefish w/ a red wine dijon vinaigrette but from now on I'm going to include labne with that.Yay!
- Skate Wing with an Italian Andouille stuffing and butter, on a bed of sauteed leeks with chard. Sister to the classic cod with chorizo pairing, this lovely silky white fish is accented with considerable punch. While I have always prepared my skate 'off the bone', this was sauteed 'on the bone' , and it holds together much better that way. The top and bottom layer of fish separates so easily from the central 'wing' of cartilage, that I'm going to prepare it that way in the future.
- Chicken under a brick with fig and ricotta and a stellar side of roasted marinated parsnips with cumin spiced chard and walnuts.
- A fascinating flavor punch of beet and ginger sorbet

They've had their first Pastry Chef for a little while now: Jake, from Clearflour and other.
He will serve both Strip T's and their new spot in Brookline when it is up and running.
Jake seems an adventurous chef so I am looking forward to the day when (I hope) the brownies and choc. cake take a dive and his innovative talents are seen through the whole dessert menu.

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  1. Went to strip T's last Sat-

    I'd highlight that the crust is excellent on the bluefish. One of the best prepared cooked fish I've had in a while. Also, just a note for others, the amount of carrot jam and labne is tiny- you can get a bit with each bite but this is very much a dish about the fish with a bit of accent.

    last saturday they had a snail with polenta special that was rocking. polenta was a mix of white and yellow corn, and done to a soupy consistency- i'd never had polenta quite like that, but but Broccoli rabe put in some nice bitterness and crunch for balance (some chopped up, crisped ham never hurt any dish either).

    The skate is awesome- only thing i'd add is that this not a spanish/coarse style chorizo, its creamy to the point of having a rillette consistency.

    Veal breast- barley, hay yogurt, pistachio. Exceedingly earthy dish- something in the barley gave it a smoky taste, though this may also have been a bit of psychological trickery because the veal is quite pink in color (which makes me think smoked meat). The breast itself is great, nice layer of fat that makes it reminiscent of the few times i've had lamb belly- bit more chew, less decadence than pork belly. I feel like (and others are welcome to confirm/say this is not new) that oats are popping up increasingly as the starch to pair with red meats; I'm definitely a fan of this combo.

    We also got a wicked small caesar (nothing new, but the gf loves her some caesar, and this is a fine rendition) as well as the sauteed cabbage with maple and cheddar. I'd seen that side before but hadn't ordered. It is delicious- the maple balances out the acidic/fermenty notes of the cabbage really nicely, and the cheddar crackers are a fun way to add some crunch, and umami depth, to a vegetable side. ftr, the maple is basically syrup, with a pool leftover at the end... we may have just mixed it up with the remaining crackers/croutons from caesar to sop it up........


    lemon steamed cake with ginger, beet sorbet- I'm sure i'm missing a component here, for which i apologize (there's a crunch element as well that i can't quite remember). This is a light, herbaceous dessert (no shock given the ingredients, i'm aware) that comes off as a really sophisticated version of a lemon tart. This was my second time ordering it, I'm a fan.

    'memories of a candy bar' the main component was a white cake with some chocolate chips (and apologies if i'm forgetting a more exotic ingredient), which was impressively dense and moist. this was a theme from all the desserts, every cake we had was really well executed, nothing dry. It was paired with a thick chocolate spread that had thai basil, and black sesame meringue. The last was my favorite component- this was meringue like on a meringue pie, moist, fluffy, and great to spread on the cake.

    We also grabbed a mocha cake (the gf wanted something more chocolatey), and while it is, as we were warned, of the 'old strip t's', they apparently have been tweaking the recipe, and it fell in line with the rest as being a well made, if less complex, moist, dense, cake.

    Last notes: service, as always, was fun and friendly; I hope they can keep that vibe when they open up their second bigger space.

    Overall experience made me with I were going there more often.

    I've been really happy that the menu is updated frequently online now, one thing to note, however, is that the dessert section has not been updated for some time and does not reflect what was on the menu the night we went.

    Photos (which I hope are *appetizing* not *offputting*, per other thread ;) represent all but sides, and memories of a candybar.

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    1. re: valcfield

      Picture of memories of a candy bar, found it. (also, apologies if there's a way to add the photo to the original post, could not for the life of me figure it out.

      1. re: valcfield

        I believe your only opportunity to add a photo is prior to posting it for the very first time. You can edit the title and text for a while afterward, but not add photos.


        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Ah, ok. I'll make sure to be more careful next time I decide to add photos to a post. Appreciate the response!

        2. re: valcfield

          I have to be honest, I'm not jazzed by this.

          One thing I love about Strip-T's is that they broke from the 'New American' fine-dining mold and went more in the Momofuku direction: simple, hearty, unpretentious dishes with innovative, interesting flavors and unique ideas: a plate of amazing locally-harvested roasted mushrooms, Moxie wings, oxtail-romaine salad. Deserts and dishes like 'memories of a candy bar' are playful, but are more in the Alinea / WD-50 / Blue Ink vein. Little bits of deconstructed dishes with smears of sauce on a plate arranged delicately, with a precocious name... not sure if that really fits Strip-Ts.

        3. re: valcfield

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with that mocha cake, which is outstanding. I'm sorry to hear they're going in the pretentious desserts direction: that's never a good thing, and I concur with Boston Otter that it doesn't bode well.

          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            i certainly have no problem with disliking some of the tacks of modernist cuisine, and do myself tend to prefer food that feels more substantial.

            but i do think there's a difference between being playful, or whimsical, or simply not adhering to traditional flavor profiles, from being 'pretentious', and to the extent that my description made that seem appropriate, i apologize.

            as already noted, both cakes were, moist, substantial, and quite in line with what i would think are conventional desserts. The flavors they were paired with were certainly out of the ordinary, but nothing about it suffered from preciousness or feeling like it was done for the sake of doing it as opposed to for the sake of flavor.

            in any event, of course you're welcome to dislike a style of dessert, or this particular one, but i wanted to say i think you'd be missing out to dismiss either the steamed cake or memories of a candy bar out of hand.

            also, @boston_otter, to be admittedly nitpicky on facts, the comparison to momofuku is an odd one- i think your description of the savory courses is apt, but the first dessert i can remember having at ssam, back in early 2010, was their malted chocolate/quark ice cream/beet sorbet dessert... which had powders, meringue, and smears... if anything, that's quite similar to the desserts here.

            1. re: valcfield

              valc, your CH presence is new to me, but I have to say I am wicked happy to read your well observed and articulate posts.
              Whoever suggested 'pretentious' for a Strip T's dessert- clearly has not SEEN it. They are the opposite of pretentious. If anything, they look like somebody's been playing in the sandbox.
              While the only thing on that 'candy bar' dish that had my taste buds grinning- was the caramelized white choco, puffed rice sesame 'brittle', it was enough of a revelation to make my whole night, so I don't regret it. I felt ditto for My Love's dish of brick chicken . He loved the chicken; it did nothing for me, BUT the accompanying pickled and roasted parsnips, kale and walnuts(with cumin, coriander and anise)- was the best side I may have ever eaten (along with, lucky me, the artichoke and leek fricassee on the Lamb Board at Sycamore last week.) Taste Revelations are so rare; they keep me high for weeks, as the other food memories fade away.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Much appreciated! I certainly could see where the concern came from, which is why i wanted to clarify... like i said, certainly ok not to like those desserts (the gf may have pushed most of them both on me which was a-ok in my book)... but at least when i'm recommending a dish i do want to my best to accurately represent it.

                We all take pride in our work, and just as I'd hate to have my own product misrepresented, I'd hate to think I didn't do someone else's product justice :)

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  I'm only basing my "modernist/deconstructed desert" comment on the photos, descriptions, and names posted here; it's true that I haven't eaten them in person.

                2. re: valcfield

                  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm still eager to try it, despite the name/photos that sort of make me want to roll my eyes :) I brought up Momofuku because of the chef's connection to Ssam Bar, and because the deserts there under Christina Tosi have been fun, playful and surprising while still hearty and substantial -- like the crack pie, the cereal milks, etc. No smears to be found :)

                  1. re: Boston_Otter

                    hehe well glad you'd still try it! I will say I hope the donut theme makes a reappareance at some point too, i did *love* the blueberry lemon donut (if i'm remember correctly) as well as that apple donut with the insane amount of cheese grated on top. but i'm a sucker for the ole apple cheese combo

                    1. re: valcfield

                      The brioche donut is back with a rhubarb compote variation.

                    2. re: Boston_Otter

                      > I brought up Momofuku because of the chef's connection to Ssam Bar, and because the deserts there under Christina Tosi have been fun, playful and surprising while still hearty and substantial -- like the crack pie, the cereal milks, etc. No smears to be found :)

                      That's not exactly correct. Tosi was the head of pastry at Ssam and Noodle Bar first, then Ko, and Milk Bar wasn't added to the mix ~2 years later. The cakes, pies, cookies, cake balls, etc. you're referring to didn't really exist as products as part of the Momofuku Milk Bar name until Dec 2009.

                      Tosi came on board to Momofuku in the fall of 2007 and instituted a "real" dessert program at Ssam Bar, which had previously only been serving ice cream mochi for dessert. It was a big deal when she came on!

                      Her plated desserts at Momo have often used a deconstructed approach; Tosi came to Momofuku from WD-50, after all.

                      My favorite Tosi dessert of all time is a deconstructed PB&J with saltines, maybe 2nd to the Amish cheddar shortcake served with whipped cream infused with ham (that nobody else but us seemed to like). It doesn't surprise me that a Momofuku alum would go in a similar direction with their pastry program.

                      Examples of Tosi's deconstructed desserts pre-Milk Bar:

                3. re: valcfield

                  valc, didn't know if you saw this piece on chef Tim and some of his tools and essential house-made components. He talks about that spicy sausage in item #7:


                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                    I had seen that article but did not recall it explaining how he made it! Also a big fan of this piece with some great chefs asking tech questions when Nathan Myrhvold was in town for the harvard food and science lectures:


                    1. re: valcfield

                      thanks so much for that, val. Ironically it comes on the same day I discovered that Rich Chudy, whose Boston Burger Blog I admire, writes for the same Boston mag blog . His column Man Food , which he's been doing the last 1 1/2 yrs, is well done but i am so embarassed to say I just discovered it. Looks like I have a lot of reading-through-the-archive to do!

                4. We went for lunch (first time for lunch) on a whim last Saturday (about 2:30) the place was still busy, but we got seated right away. I hadn't had the amazing grilled Romaine lettuce with braised oxtail and egg since my first dinner there and had to order it. Still a phenomenal dish. I also had to have the lunch only burger (excellent with very good fries), and the wife had the Pho sandwich. I tasted it and it was really good, though I only got one bite as my wife really loved it. We decided that since we live so close that lunch has to be on our radar more often. I need to try the eggplant Bahn Mi next!

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                  1. re: kimfair1

                    EXCellent decision! I forgot to mention in the OP that many of the Dinner original favs are on the current lunch menu: burger, eggplant banh mi, fried chicken hailing a cab, oxtail/grilled romaine etc.

                    1. re: kimfair1

                      The eggplant banh mi is excellent, a really brilliant sandwich.

                      I went for lunch today and tried the fried cauliflower sandwich, which sounded almost healthy: cauliflower and broccoli rabe with fresh bell pepper slivers. It's delicious, but it's astoundingly heavy, dripping with garlic butter and melted cheese and grease. Easily the richest, butteriest, greasiest thing I've had there.

                      1. re: Boston_Otter

                        I like Strip T's, but haven't had anything there I would describe as healthy. I was there today as well and enjoyed the roast beef sandwich with horseradish and Moxie sauce.

                        1. re: Gabatta

                          Speaking of unhealth-i-ly delicious... When I ordered the Moxie wings the server described them as confit then grilled. I can't think of a less healthy way to cook them. First time having them, and they were tasty as hell.

                          1. re: Foodie_BBQ

                            Huh, I was underwhelmed by the Moxie wings myself. Had them last week and can think of a dozen wing preps I prefer, including versions at Buff's, Shangri-La, and Golden Garden.

                            1. re: Foodie_BBQ

                              I liked the wings, but they're a rare Strip-T's dish I probably wouldn't order again.


                            2. re: Gabatta

                              Oh, I totally agree. But there's also a difference between eating something decadent and awesome like the Moxie wings (or the oxtail salad, or the gravy fries...) and something so fatty and over-the-top that you'll swear to never eat it again and warn your friends about it :)

                              1. re: Boston_Otter

                                To me, they are a different dish than Buffs wings, which I also enjoy. If I were meeting up with old friends and wanted to have a couple of beers while licking honey-hot sauce off my fingers, I would go to Buffs. If I wanted to try something unique and see a chef cook a traditional dish in a new way, I would order Moxie Wings.

                                1. re: Foodie_BBQ

                                  Guess I just did not feel that any real Moxie flavor came through and did not really add anything to the wings. Just tasted sweet and gooey.

                        2. Just had a killer coconut macaroon likely made by the new pastry chef. Awesome with a slight hint of orange.

                          1. I feel like I might be the only person to ever have had a bad experience at Strip T's. :( I've only been once, because it's tricky to get to for me, and I don't know that I'll bother trying to get back.

                            I got the tofu eggplant banh mi and it was pretty gross. I think part of the problem was that they were out of the usual bread. My fault, I guess, I should've changed my order, but I love tofu, eggplant, and vietnamese food, and just really wanted to try it. They served it on this greasy grilled whole grain bread. So the whole thing was just this soggy, greasy, awful mess. Service was also not great, though not terrible.

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                            1. re: maillard

                              I have to say that our one experience there, while overall excellent as a meal, was marred by mediocre service, and since we can only get there by Zipcar and the price point is at the high end of our dining-out budget, I doubt we'll go again.

                              1. re: Allstonian

                                For future reference, Strip-T's can be reached by two MBTA bus lines: the #70 from Central Square, Cambridge to Waltham (which runs along Arsenal street and stops about 0.2 miles from Strip-T's) and the #71 from Harvard Square, Cambridge to Watertown Square (which runs along Mt. Auburn Street and stops about 0.3 miles from Strip-T's). It's not necessary to rent a Zipcar to get there.

                                1. re: owades

                                  You are right. Although...2 buses each way with potential waits of up to 20 minutes for connections on the way home after dinner. (I'm very familiar with getting from Watertown/Belmont to Allston in the evening on the 71 or 73, and it was not uncommon for the trip to take nearly 90 minutes.) That's a big investment of time for a spendy meal with iffy service.

                                2. re: Allstonian

                                  When was your visit that had poor service? When they first made the transition (Summer 2011?), the original wait staff stayed on, and the service was pretty comical at first. They hired a new service manager mid-Fall of 2011 and the service improved dramatically. The difference between our visits in August of 2011 and November of 2011 was night and day, and the service has been fine to great every time we've been since.

                                  1. re: VintageMolly

                                    May 4, 2012, so well after the full changeover.

                                    What was so irritating about the bad service is that the tables on either side of us were both getting fully schmoozed by various members of the wait staff while we were being fully ignored. It was particularly irritating to have our original waitress whisk away our plates without even giving me a second to point out the rather serious flaw with my meal, which was that the fries served with my burger had been sitting in the pass so long that they were stone cold and inedible. I mean, she literally walked away with the plates *while* I was trying to tell her there was a problem.

                                    You would think the fact that every other dish had been practically licked clean and maybe two of the fries had been eaten would attest to the idea of "hey, maybe something was wrong with the fries and I should try to engage with the customer long enough to find out if everything was okay." It was very hard not to feel rather specifically dissed.

                                3. re: maillard

                                  You're not alone, Maillard. I've had some standout chow at Strip-T's, but last week I had a truly mediocre turkey reuben at lunch. Kind of like a very ordinary grilled cheese sandwich with some deli turkey added. The "house everything" condiments were barely present. And for $10, it was on the small side. Like the old joke goes, not only was the food not very good, there wasn't enough of it.

                                  1. re: maillard

                                    maillard, I sympathize entirely. The very first time we went,
                                    around 2 yrs ago, I was going because the fried baby octopus dish had been raved. Well, needless to say, whoever was manning that station that night must have been called away on some emergency because I tucked into a plate that had me looking (and feeling) like Charlie Chaplin eating that shoe in the gold rush movie. yuckOla. As I recall, I complained loudly on CH.

                                    My single piece of advice is- Send It Back. These talented folks are so overworked they just cannot make every right decision and sometimes you need to make it for them in return. In our experience, your wake up call will be appreciated and credited and replaced with your choosing.
                                    I did not follow this advice on that first visit, but I have since learned. I do hope you will try it again and be delighted.

                                    1. re: maillard

                                      This thread has almost always shown unanimous love and praise for Strip T's ever since Tim reinvented the menu- and deservedly so. It is creative,tasty and affordable. I have dined there on numerous occasions and watched as the crowds and media embraced its inventive fare and shouted its praises.This has created not only buzz but unfortunately an attitude shift that I sense by some members of the waitstaff. I now tend to go later in the afternoon when it is relatively quiet. This is not the first time I experienced this, so I found it disconcerting but still not enough to bring to Tim's attention. The dining room was half empty and my party of 4 was directed to a four top which was attended to by a member of the waitstaff who greeted us with a perfunctory greeting and a "we just got slammed for lunch". She was curt and impatient particularly when we couldn't decide definitively and immediately what we wanted to share( as they were out of several of the daily specials)-she then inquired if we were at least ready to give our drink order- we asked for a few beers to share- but her impatience continued and when water was requested, she answered- "they always come with the beer". A request to change a plate that was not clean was met with a dismissive look and perceived disdain. Yikes. I will reiterate -the food was delicious but this attitudinal shift that I have now experienced twice, needs to change or it may need at least a sitdown by the waitstaff with Tim or whoever manages this otherwise fine eating establishment.

                                      1. re: FeeFiPho

                                        Interesting, I had the exact same experience two times ago when we went. Every other time service has been fine, and last time it was great. But the waitress we had two times ago seemed to make it clear that everything we were doing, whether it was needing an extra minute to look at the menu because they were sold out of something we tried to order or asking about a prep, was annoying to her.

                                        It's funny because no matter how many hipster places I've been to in brooklyn or portland where I've been warned of this, I'd never actually experienced it until I ate in Watertown. Irony.

                                        That said, food was great, and as I said the other times we've gone service has been great.

                                        1. re: Klunco

                                          The only time I've had any service issues -- and they weren't a big deal, just sort of weird -- were my last few visits to Strip-T's.

                                          On one visit, my group decided to get one of the sandwiches and split it four ways. We mentioned this and our waitress looked really uncomfortable and said that she'd bring us a knife so that we could cut it up, but "The kitchen doesn't want anything leaving it without being perfect, and they won't cut it for you, but you can do it yourself."

                                          1. re: Boston_Otter

                                            They are insanely (in a good way) particular about plating. I was in for lunch recently (got the divine burger) and someone wanted a lentil salad that was on the specials board to go, and they wouldn't do it because it couldn't be plated properly. She ended up eating it in and it looked FANTASTIC!!

                                            1. re: GretchenS

                                              I'm all for classy plating, but when we're talking about nothing more than a sandwich on a plate, with no garnishes at all, refusing to cut a sandwich for a customer because it'd "ruin the plating" verges on insanity, yes.

                                    2. Great reviews all around.

                                      I would also point out that on a recent visit, after indicating we had no reservation, we were immediately told that it would be an x minute wait or we could have two seats at the bar near the front if that wasn't a problem - the point being that we were made to felt welcome and that every effort would be made to make a place for us.

                                      It was a pleasant and slightly surprising contrast to the reception we got days before at Puritan and Co., where we were made to feel a bit embarrassed by not having reservations and seated accordingly.

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                                      1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                        On a related note, I heard them offer diners a table with a one hour timer on it last week. Never seen that before. The couple was also offered seats at the bar, but chose the hour long table instead. The host was professional in delivering the option, and the couple took him up on it. Good service in a non-obvious way.

                                        1. re: Foodie_BBQ

                                          There wasn't a literal timer involved, was there? That would be something new. As a walk-in, I've accepted tables at other places with the understanding that we'd have to be out by a certain time, but rarely for less than ninety minutes, and never with a draining hourglass in front of us.


                                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                                            No literal timer. Just a well delivered comment that they had to be out by 7PM to free up a reserved table.

                                      2. I finally got to Strip-Ts tonight for the first time. I had japanese sweet potato wedges (YUM, not too sweet) and the roast chicken. Chicken was delicious - very moist. I just wish they had about twice the amount of apple butter on it. That apple butter was so good. Heck, just cover the whole chicken with it!

                                        Dessert was the lemon steamed cake with graham cracker, a really interesting/not something I would willing eat again ginger/miso cracker, beet sorbet. My stomach felt rather uncertain about this mix of flavors. It was delightful to look at and amusing to taste but overall, I don't think I actually would order this again. My dining companions settled for the mocha chocolate cake which the waiter described as, "Just a cake." He really undersold it, but both of them were quite happy with it as it was not too sweet.

                                        We also received little samples of a hazelnut cake with a dot of blueberry on it - had this been on the menu, I think I would have liked it much more as a dessert than the lemon steamed cake. There was way too much going on with the lemon cake.

                                        I would definitely go again but I don't think I'd bother with dessert next time.

                                        Does anyone know if the sandwich menu by the bar is available only at lunch/at the bar? It looked better than some of the dinner menu options.

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                                        1. re: taterjane

                                          the lunch menu is only available at lunch, and lunch seating is the whole space- both rooms.

                                        2. Jake does a mean blueberry buttermilk aigre doux pie. Almost tapioca-like in texture. Definitely has the sweet and sour thing going on.

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                                            1. re: AnjLM

                                              Had a different rendition of the pie today: pistachio & sorghum. It was like a slightly more bitter pecan pie-- I think it could have used a fruit component to offset the very sweet and somewhat salty combination.

                                              Seared scallops was one of today's specials with turnip ragu, snap peas and spicy sausage. There was a tad too much heat in the sauce for my liking, but the snap peas added a nice crunch to the perfectly seared scallops.

                                              1. re: mrtan

                                                Man, I am so sick of the sorghum trend already! When will chefs stop leaning on this crutch?


                                                1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                  ? Is that saying that they don't need sorghum to fly, and they would be better off (and you better served) if they went back to brown sugar, molasses, corn syrup, etc.?

                                                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                    I'm saying sorghum is the beet and goat cheese salad of 2013; it's only June, and it's already done to death. Next up: sorghum at The Cheesecake Factory. It's inevitable.


                                                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                      yeah, i got that, that you're bored w/ it already. but i'm more interested in your reaction to sorghum itself: is it a great taste that really adds something to the sweets scene, certain to become a permanent menu fixture (like beet and chevre salad) or is it a fad and an unworthy one at that? And,though it doesn't sound like it, does the pastry chef at ST's use it in a particularly unique and/or successful way compared to the myriad other sorghum ventures you have sampled.....?

                                                      p.s.EXTRA EXTRA!Read all about it!
                                                      Cronuts filled with Sorghum de Leche Cream!

                                                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                        I'm joking. I've never seen sorghum anywhere outside of a burgoo, and that dish is not so common in these parts. (I had a burgoo of sorts at jm Curley's a few months ago, but I believe it had neither squirrel nor sorghum.)

                                                        The actual inescapable restaurant ingredient of the last twelve months is probably kale. I'm going to start a franchise called KaleBurgers: gonna be *huge*.


                                                        1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                          I'll see your kale burger and raise you a kale doughnut (with bacon of course. Have you heard the news? Bacon is very tasty).

                                                            1. re: LeoLioness

                                                              from the nuts.com catalogue. i kid you not:

                                                              <Coconut Cacao Kale Granola>

                                                            2. re: MC Slim JB

                                                              Not enough road kill in the city for proper burgoo!

                                                              I've seen sorghum used at hungry mother

                                              2. Went there for the first time for lunch today!! (I know - finally!!) Son was taking a break from dieting & celebrating his 40 lb loss. He had the burger, I had the bahn mi - OMG, that bahn mi was divine! The combination of flavors was amazing. Son loved the burger - I was tempted, but lately I get sick whenever I have red meat - but I was elated with my choice.

                                                We both had the blueberry custard pie, which was, again, delicious. Just light enough after that meal so we didn't feel bloated, too.

                                                I forgot to ask the name of our waitress - we were chatting a bit, and she mentioned she had an operation a few wks ago. Wonder if this is why some people had a bit of a hard time with service... it would make sense, if one of their regular staff was out, and they had to hire someone to temp. Don't know - the service she gave was fantastic. No complaints - can't wait to go back.

                                                Edit: They had lobster on the menu today "1 1/4 lb of Snappy's Scituate Lobster" in a roll. Needless to say, it took me a LONG time to decide what to order...

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                                                1. re: threedogs

                                                  I think it's a very, very good burger in a town that now has a few of them, but I wouldn't risk "red meat poisoning" for it. I believe in the notion that the GI tract loses its way around beef with extended unfamiliarity, presumably a gut flora issue.


                                                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                    Having done a 15-year stint as a vegetarian before slooowly getting back into the world of red meat, I very much agree. Your body literally forgets how to deal with digesting it; it doesn't have the bacteria to process the stuff. I'll always remember a trip to Morimoto when I ordered their wagu beef and made an offhand comment about 'breaking my vegetarianism' for it. The waiter asked how long it'd been since I'd had beef, and then firmly told me that he wouldn't serve it to me because "I don't want to sell you food that will make you ill." He was right, of couse.

                                                  2. re: threedogs

                                                    Was surprised that the lobster roll made it past 12:30pm yesterday. Luckily had one of the last few remaining orders. Celery leaves were a nice touch.

                                                  3. In Boston to see the Red Sox this soggy Memorial Day weekend and decided to see if I could snag a last minute rezzie at Strip T's. Yes, at 5 p.m. on a Friday night they could take our party of three. Off to a good start.

                                                    Our meal was mostly excellent but with a couple dessert misses.

                                                    Moxie Chicken Wings: Thick, sweet, gooey Moxie sauce on well-cooked wings. I could taste the Moxie. Tasty.

                                                    Roasted Chicken a la Mattone, parsnips, swiss chard, walnut, ricotta. Excellent dish. Perfect moist chicken with all kinds of razzle dazzle flavors going on with the various components. My husband said it was "soul satisfying."

                                                    Grilled Bavette Steak, Creekstone Farms, KS, beets, sea island red peas, carrots, basil. Like the chicken dish, the steak was cooked a perfectly and the side flavor components added complexity making it a little party in your mouth. My daughter is not a huge beef eater, but she ate every bite.


                                                    Get the Blueberry Buttermilk Pie!!! This is what pie should be! Perfect crust, creamy buttermilk cream dotted with fresh blueberries. Tasted like Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. Complemented beautifully by a quenelle of Lemon Verbena Ice Cream.

                                                    Two dessert misses:

                                                    “Memories of a Candy Bar,”caramelized white chocolate, black sesame, thai basil. While we appreciated the concept, the three of us didn't find this delicious. The white chocolate cake crumbs were very dry and filled with black sesame seeds that got stuck in our teeth. The Thai basil marshmallow/cream component was okay. Not great, not bad, just creaminess with a hint of basil. Overall not worth the calories, and those seeds...oh.

                                                    The real dessert miss though was the Coconut Suman, champagne mangoes, pandan, crunchy wild rice. A plate of thin little sticky rice jelled squares which were supposed to be infused with coconut milk but just tasted like flavorless paste. The few bits of mango were fine, but couldn't save it. Our server (who was lovely, very nice) saw we didn't eact much of the Suman asked if there was a problem, and I told her about the flavorless jell. She apologized, and when she brought our check said the dessert had been taken off the bill.

                                                    So it wasn't a perfect meal, but it was a perfectly good experience. I appreciate how the chefs at Strip T's take chances combining different herbs, spices and vegetables to create flavor sensations. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's a miss, but if you never try new things you go nowhere. Every time I visit Boston I want to eat here and enjoy a new experience.

                                                    A word to the wise. Instead of little homemade marshmallows at the very end, like they served on our last visit, now they are offering little bits of pine nut brittle. I ate a tiny little piece the size of my pinky's fingernail, and man was it HOT! Really hot! Not spicy, just hot! Now that was a surprise!

                                                    1 Reply
                                                    1. re: TrishUntrapped

                                                      Very good comment encouraging adventurousness there.
                                                      and thx for the detailed report.

                                                    2. Tonight was my first visit to Strip T's. We've only lived in Boston for about a month, but have been making a point of eating our way around the city. Tonight was definitely the best meal we've had in our time here (including ICOB, No. 9 Park, and Puritan and Co.) unpretentious, but everything was right on the mark.


                                                      Oysters: East Beach Blonde RI Oyters with black trumpet mushrooms, shallots, and champagne gel. The accompaniments rally brought out the mineral qualities in the oysters. We didn't love them quite as much as the PEI Summerside oysters we just had at Puritan and Co a few weeks ago, but an excellent presentation.

                                                      Fried Green Tomatoes: These were listed as a side, but we had them as a second app. The came in a crab batter with walnut sauce and rhubarb mostarda. This was far and away the best thing of the evening. The crab didn't really come through,it it didn't matter. These were incredible.


                                                      Salmon Special: I ordered the salmon special. Salmon was smoked to order to about a med. rare temp. Served over a succotash of sorts... Sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, wild boar prosciutto (I think), with trout roe and farmers cheese.

                                                      Grilled Bavette Steak: My SO ordered this as his main. Came with potatoes, labne, pea shoots, and sesame. The flavors were excellent, but we found the beef a little tough and the potatoes a tad undercooked for our tastes. All of this is just nitpicking over a dish that was just fine.


                                                      Pie of the day: Buttermilk blueberry. This was outrageously good. The main flavor was blueberries, just barely held together with the buttermilk filling and a thin, buttery pie crust.

                                                      Overall, we loved this dinner. We're so excited for Ribelle to open in our neighborhood! Our waiter tonight seemed to think it would be in the next week on two!

                                                      2 Replies
                                                      1. re: marketpeach

                                                        The fried green tomatoes also came with pickled green beans when I had them. Agree - just a fantastic dish.

                                                        1. re: marketpeach

                                                          Nice report and welcome to the area! I had the fried green tomatoes recently and adored them. They were kind enough to make a non-crab version as I am allergic to shellfish. Also had a bluefish special with the same accompaniments as your salmon. Fish was perfectly cooked and the succotash was so fresh-tasting and wonderful, as were the picked green beans Bob D mentioned. My DCs had the blueberry pie and really loved it. I had a yogurt-dill panna cotta with gooseberries, red currants, blueberries, sunflower seeds and tiny shards of sweet-spicy graham cracker that was the most unusual and possibly best dessert I have ever had. It was also absolutely gorgeous. Their new(ish) pastry chef has it all going on.

                                                        2. Stopped by for late lunch today. Happy to say Consistency is as dependable as ever. The Oxtail Grilled Romaine w/ Egg and Siracha was as Perfecto! as ever; same w/ that unusual terrific (3 cuts)burger w/ smoked miso and house pickled onions, the great ungreasy fries and the cuminy coleslaw. The blueberry buttermilk tart was a wonderful end.
                                                          Apparently the chef is really happy with their new local seafood vendor and their methods; says this continues to be an exc year for seafood.

                                                          Overheard trade talk about the new place.They are expecting Ribelle to open in around 2 wks; 65 seats.They want to open with about 1/2 their menu so they can better control all the craziness that comes with new highly anticipated openings. Brookline agencies have been very helpful to them (what a relief) and electricity is in the air.

                                                          I thought it was so interesting what Jon said when asked who was going with them to Ribelle. He said that Tim and he had worked so hard to get Strip T's to where it is- that they had no intention of messing with that success. So it's just Tim and Jon who are going to Ribelle from STs(and the pastry chef .)

                                                          1. wow, are we lucky campers or what. During dinner there tonight we both decided that the main problem with ST's menu is that the descriptions they use(or that anyone might use) just don't accurately describe what you experience. When ordering, you just have to remind yourself that what you will be served is very likely going to be so much better than how it reads.

                                                            Perfect app of Japanese Octopus yaki (fritters), moist and chewy w/ the crisp exterior; the napping of octopus jus mayo and plum sauce- accented the fritters brilliantly. Our entrees were Scallops with a curried rich chanterelle bisque-of-a-sauce, and Pork loin and belly over peach onion sautee w/ black trumpets. Moistest and best flavored local pork i've ever had. But beyond those dishes was my epiphany of the night> i requested a side dish of the set up on their hangar steak dish- a melange of summer squash and tiny tomatoes with a burnt eggplant puree(think flame roasted red peppers, all finely pureed) and red quinoa crunch (cooked quinoa pan roasted till dry and crunchy- what a textural revelation combined with that wheaty flavor!) I am always amazed by the inventiveness in Jared's accompaniments to his proteins. (If they have enough on hand when you ask, they might make you entree portions of those magnificently varied melanges!)
                                                            The Mexican grilled corn was delish- i loved the cilantro mayo topping, and My Love enjoyed the spicy pickled peanuts (i removed mine, though they'd be great on another dish.)

                                                            I admit that i've let myself be sucked into all the current donut hype, and in fact, it was this donut that seduced me into eating there tonight. Well, it was REAlly something. Big sugared Brioche round filled with Corn pastry cream and glazed w/bits of basil leaf and blackberry jam. Enough for 2. (longer description here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/912952

                                                            We arrived at 6:50 and this was the first time we've ever gone (that was not at opening) when there were many tables open (but it was completely full by 8.) so if you've been wanting to go , it might be easier to get in since Ribelle opened. Service as friendly and quick as ever. Get thee back to ST's!

                                                            6 Replies
                                                            1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                              A friend and I went tonight and there were tables and counter seats available at 7 unexpectedly. We shared the fried green tomatoes and fried edamame, both delicious, and then we each had the pork special that opinionatedchef describes -- absolute heaven on a plate -- definitely not for fat-phobes, but agree with oc that is incredibly flavorful pork. Huge portion, we should have split one, but I am glad we didn't as my friend is going away tomorrow so I got all the leftovers...

                                                              1. re: GretchenS

                                                                gretchen, that' so cool! i'm actually asking this sincerely but i can't figure out how to do that w/o sounding sarcastic.....> Do you think most people actually eat all that pork fat? I didn't think i could handle it AND the brioche donut, so I brought mine home to render for masa dough ( though i did eat that amazng crispy skin !)

                                                                1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                  I don't know if most people would, but Jarrett said they had had several plates sent back as being too fatty so that now they say up front that it has a large fat cap and that if you don't care for that you might prefer ordering something else. Hence my "not for fat-phobes" comment. :)

                                                                  1. re: GretchenS

                                                                    sounds delicious- any idea what breed of pork? (and sorry if i missed that in the exchange). the fat cap makes it sound like it might be mangalitsa, which i've had cuts where its a good 2/3 or more fat to 1/3 or less meat ratio, and it is fricken amazing. either way hope it might still be around when i make it in...

                                                                    1. re: valcfield

                                                                      If they told me what breed it was, I didn't retain the information, sorry!

                                                                      1. re: GretchenS

                                                                        same here but that ratio seems like what i had. Give em a call and ask- around 3pm.

                                                            2. Went last night with a friend and had another phenomenal meal. She had the fried oysters to start and loved them. I just watched (shellfish allergy). Then we split the chicken under a brick (a la mattone) which was wonderful, served on a bed of yummy mixed vegetables (including chard, eggplant, broccoli and tasting so much better than "mixed vegetables" might connote), with ricotta and walnuts, plus a special of yellow fin tuna (which we were told had been caught that morning off Nantucket), cooked beautifully rare, on a bed of wild rice cooked in veggie stock and circled by a harissa-spiked celeriac puree that had me actually sticking my finger into the plate to get the last little bits of it, it was so good. I think there was preserved lemon in one of the dishes as well. It amazes me that they just seem to keep upping their game with the food. Also, at 6:30 there were many empty tables and stools although the place was nearly full when we left about 8.

                                                              2 Replies
                                                              1. re: GretchenS

                                                                At ST's especially, an index finger is a girl's best friend :-}
                                                                i used to look around to make sure that no one was watching, but now i just go for it and figure if i don't see them seeing me, then they're not seeing me!

                                                                And the veggie melange- another stellar combo from the side dish wizard! For me lately, while the protein entrees are usually delicious, I would title a ST's review something like:
                                                                "Strip T's: Where the Side Dish is King." or "STs: Where the Supporting Cast Always Trumps the Lead." What really impresses me is that those side dishes that have MANY components- do not come out muddy; each component is discernable and plays well with its teammates, and there is a unifying sauce or spice that leaves a major impression!

                                                                1. re: GretchenS

                                                                  Great review! I cannot wait to return to Strip-T's. I have lunch there, but do not go often enough for dinner. Glad to hear more tables appear to be open for dinner. Could almost never get in there for dinner until Ribelle opened.

                                                                2. I had to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles recently and decided to offset the experience by grabbing lunch at Strip T's first.

                                                                  I had the Pho Real a sandwich of chicken, Thai basil, avocado, bean sprouts and a tangy sauce on a crusty roll. What a terrific sandwich. Terrific grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, and a wonderful heat and depth of flavor. All served with a smile.

                                                                  And I was in and out of the registry in only fifteen minutes! I should have stayed at Strip-Ts for dessert.

                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                  1. re: lipoff

                                                                    yay, that's exactly the lunch dish i (have never had and )was wanting to order next time!

                                                                  2. http://www.miserylovescovt.com/supper/

                                                                    As i considered posting this, i thought, "but no one's gonna beLIEVE me (that a Strip T's philosophical sibling exists in Northern VerMONT, 5 minutes from Burlington!") But then i remembered that this is Chowhound, where CHs LIVE to discover food gems in the alleyways and hinterlands around us.....

                                                                    Cut to the chase:
                                                                    if you ever find yourself up in that stunning corner of New England (3 hrs from Boston) and you are a fan of Strip T's, get yourself to Misery Loves Company.Many terrific lunch items but a larger and even more creative menu at dinner. (My fav dish tonight- a grilled octopus with heirloom legumes and smoked yoghurt.) So much in common w/ ST's; it feels almost like a Siamese twin: Asian, Turkish, French, Southern U.S., etc. influences, menus that do NOT adequately describe the dishes, a 'no food rules' kind of open culinary attitude,modest low-key chef/owners, good portioning and fair pricing, as well as the restaurant size, atmosphere, and casual informed welcoming service. What a thrill!

                                                                    1. We haven't been in a loooong time. Keep checking the menu but haven't felt anything calling me other than that fantastic warm romaine oxtail dish.Have been to ribelle many times, and had consistently wonderful food since they opened. Anyone been to Strip T's for dinner, lately, and how was your food? Gretchen, you were a real pioneering champion of theirs......still loving it?

                                                                      8 Replies
                                                                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                        I last went maybe two months ago and it was as fabulous as ever. Lately the menu has been very shellfish-heavy when I have looked and I have a shellfish allergy so have not been back but very much wanting to, and I do know that they are great about working around allergies.

                                                                        1. re: GretchenS

                                                                          we went tonight because the arancini commanded me to come. They were about as perfect as they can be: perfectly cooked arborio mixed with just enough parm, filled w/ octopus and house made soprasetta.Clean oil, great fry job, crunchy outside and creamy inside; needed no salt, no pepper, nada! Jared was grinning and happy to be on his way to Grammercy Tavern's big 20th Anniv. industry party. He mentioned that he and his sous are having fun changing the arancini each week, so there should be some neat riffs in the near future!

                                                                          And fwiw, we were delighted to find the Grilled Romaine w/ Oxtail and Egg and Chile Sauce to be as amazing as it was when we had it on the first ever of the reborn Strip T's menus!

                                                                          1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                            I just looked at the menu online right now and there is no Grilled Romaine and no burger on it. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

                                                                            1. re: Bugsey34

                                                                              Gee, I had the burger two weeks ago. Delicious as always. Bummer! Hope it's just temporary.

                                                                              1. re: Bugsey34

                                                                                Bug, romaine often on menu; i asked and received. But if you find asking for something not listed- to be aggressive and offensive, you'll have to wait i guess. (I don't remember which CH made that remark to me, so i'm not saying it was you.) We didn't order the burger but i would guess ditto. Sometimes it's a good world-- where you ask and ye shall receive. Best of luck; jared a very sweet guy.

                                                                                p.s. i have never seen the Burger served on the Romaine (just joshin' :-)

                                                                          2. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                            I went in a couple of weeks ago and tried a few of the japanese-inspired dishes: fried chicken/soft-shell crab, okonomiyaki, and the nachos. The fried chicken/crab were a little on the salty side, but the okonomiyaki was so salty we couldn't even finish it. The last few times I've been to Strip T's there's been a dish or two that's been overwhelmingly salty. Has anybody else experienced this? It's really turning me off of Strip T's.

                                                                            1. re: chowda

                                                                              They are both on the lunch menu.

                                                                              1. re: chowda

                                                                                Oh darn, and i adore okonomiyaki. we had 5 dishes and none were too salty (and i am wicked sensitive/obnoxious to too much salt, and sugar). they certainly weren't all stellar but none was oversalty.
                                                                                Next time you go in, ask for them to go easy on the salt; i'm sure they'll abide.

                                                                                My one actual complaint was w/ the the ricotta tortellini w/ peas ,mint and ham and beautiful broth-- the mote sized ricotta filling tortellini needed to be ravioli instead, so you could taste that lovely combo.

                                                                            2. Good news, in my book, from Strip T's. They are now extending the lunch menu through dinner time, so sandwiches are now available at dinner. That fried cauliflower rabe sandwich has my name on it.


                                                                              10 Replies
                                                                              1. re: bear

                                                                                If it were simply adding sandwiches to dinner, I'd concur. But from the looks of it they've nixed attempting any additional plates for dinner. perhaps this is just temporary after chef shuffling, but i'd be willing to be that, unless business drops as a result, this is permanent.

                                                                                1. re: valcfield

                                                                                  Look on the top of the menu linked above, it quite clearly states that there are dinner specials available after 5pm. They had so many people wanting the grilled romaine salad, the burger, or the sandwiches at dinner time that they relented, and have them all day now, but they still do have dinner only plates as well.

                                                                                  1. re: kimfair1

                                                                                    yes apologies, i probably should have elaborated more/not phrased it as 'any additional plates'-lunch often had specials too, so i was envisioning it more as just an extension of that, but i could've phrased it better- the real point of what i was trying to say was that this did not seem like dinner+lunch options, it was trading out a lot of dinner options in favor of serving lunch options all day.

                                                                                    And while they may have 'dinner specials', i can't imagine the quantity (or ability to develop them) could be anywhere near what it was when they had a dedicated dinner menu with specials on top of that. after all, it's a tiny place, they seem to think the demand was that those lunch options be served at dinner, so how much room can that leave to be putting out new plates?

                                                                                    but admittedly, this is all speculative :). if you've (or anyone) has been, i'd love to hear how many plates they're putting out nightly after 5pm and how they are!

                                                                                    1. re: valcfield

                                                                                      I've been since the change. There were three dinner specials that night. I went with the fried chicken from the (now) regular menu so can't comment on the quality of the specials. I do know that all three of the specials that night were previously on the dinner menu.

                                                                                      1. re: valcfield

                                                                                        They told me that they are playing around with it. My guess is that if dinner business drops off they will revamp again, but as kimfair1 says, this was at least in part in response to customer demand for the iconic romaine salad, burger and fried chicken to be available all the time. Another change is that they are now open straight through from 11 to 9.

                                                                                        1. re: GretchenS

                                                                                          Thanks for the info Gretchen, and for the report Duster. As I said, nothing wrong with accommodating what the majority of your customers want, but it still can make for a sad day for those in the minority :)

                                                                                          Boston Magazine piece 9/9 discussing the changes- http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaur...

                                                                                          1. re: GretchenS

                                                                                            I hope the "play" moves back towards having food other than sandwiches on the menu. I've been to Strip T's on the order of ~ 20 times (usually every 4-5 weeks as their menu had changed), and we've been there twice for lunch. I don't want to go out on friday night for a sammie, as much as they are some of the better sandwiches they have - they just don't qualify as "date night" food.

                                                                                            Maybe we're strange, but the wife and I enjoyed the food at Strip T's as much as (or more than) Ribelle, and the price point was much better.

                                                                                            1. re: espressojim

                                                                                              I agree- I always enjoyed Strip-T's better than Ribelle. We come from Davis Square area and it's been a standard date night/special occasion restaurant for us for years now. I even braved that bathroom 8 months pregnant for one final pre-baby dinner. But making the trek without a reservation for sandwiches is a non-starter.

                                                                                                1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                                                  I just called to ask about dinner specials. There's a sausage plate with refried beans (or similar), and 2 sandwich specials. Definitely not date night food anymore. I was hoping the three specials might have a glimmer of the old strip T's.

                                                                                  2. I just called to make reservations for an upcoming Saturday night birthday dinner and was told that they no longer accept reservations! This stinks! So, now we will need to show up at 5:00 p.m. if we want to be seated without a long wait? It is not as though they have a bar area where people can comfortably wait; it is tight in there if there are more than a couple people waiting for a table. Sorry for the rant, but am very annoyed at the moment. I would reluctantly go somewhere else, but the b'day boy specifically requested Strip Ts. Grrrr......

                                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: Kat

                                                                                      It is a PITA. We called yesterday to make two reservations for Oct and couldn't. It's frustrating because both Highland Kitchen and Strip T's are places I know my guests would enjoy, but I can't risk a long wait.

                                                                                      1. re: Kat

                                                                                        What a drag about no reservations. I wonder if too many people were 'abusing the priviledge' by booking and then never showing up...

                                                                                        A more frequent diner ("Gretchen?")will have more prescient thoughts about timing, but when we last had a weeknight dinner there (summer, likely wed. or thurs.),we went early to avoid a full house, but it was not packed/sold out like it had been before, and didn't start to fill up til 8pm or so..

                                                                                        I might suggest calling to talk w/ the manager around 4pm
                                                                                        (quieter time for them)and explain about the special bday or other occasion- and could she help you?

                                                                                      2. My husband and I have been regulars for the last couple of years, going at least once if not twice a week, usually sitting at the bar. I honestly can't imagine how much money we have spent there--I'm sure it would make me blush.

                                                                                        We always love their lunch, but honestly, lunch for dinner isn't the reason we come to Strip-T's. We became regulars for the eclectic, fantastic food, for the amazing menu that changed nearly every night, for the local flavor and variety, the wonderful service and the fact that you could get incredible food for a reasonable price in this town.

                                                                                        The changeover to sandwiches for dinner has made us very sad, quite frankly. Yes, there are specials. Three of them every night. That's it. That's all the chef has to work with and that's the saddest part of all. What an incredible waste of talent, shrinking away Jared Forman's magic down into making sandwiches every single night. If I were someone of such caliber, it would be like sucking the soul out of me. Overall, throughout the restaurant, the shift is evident. The oomph that Strip-T's used to have is bleeding out.

                                                                                        They got rid of the reservations because they thought it would be odd to have people make reservations for a sandwich place, which I suppose is true. But people don't think of Strip-T's as a sandwich shop at night and the switch is confusing, frustrating and frankly, weird.

                                                                                        At 7PM tonight the restaurant was half empty, which was shocking because normally there would be a crowd hoping for a seat. We've been there on nights where people said they would wait over an hour for something to open up. Tonight there were many seats open. I heard servers explain several times the switch to sandwiches, to the chagrin of the diners listening. And this is the thing, people don't want sandwiches for dinner. They want reservations, they want a vibrant menu, and an array of choices. Tonight there was a steak sandwich on the menu as a special and over and over when I saw it go out of the kitchen, it was sans bread (because people don't want sandwiches for dinner...).

                                                                                        I really hope that this new fangled scenario turns out to be a failed experiment and that they go back to what was working (I am a fan of the adage, don't fix what ain't broke) and merely augment the menu with a few more of the things that people liked from lunch.

                                                                                        If not, we'll probably not be regulars in the long run. We'll stop by from time to time on weekends for lunch, because they do have great sandwiches, but for dinner? Count us out. :(

                                                                                        6 Replies
                                                                                        1. re: crystallyn

                                                                                          Interesting. When we called to make reservations it was "I'm sorry, but we stopped taking reservations. But we do now have an all day menu and have our sandwiches for dinner".

                                                                                          Last night at 7 pm we tried going to Cafe Sushi and it was a 45 min wait without a reservation. Maybe we should have tried Strip T's instead.

                                                                                          1. re: crystallyn

                                                                                            You hit the nail on the head. Hopefully they will abandon this experiment if they lose customers. In the meantime, I have made our dinner reservations elsewhere since a sandwich for a special birthday dinner, even a very good sandwich, isn't exactly a celebratory meal.

                                                                                            1. re: crystallyn

                                                                                              I completely agree with everything everyone has expressed about disappointment with a lunch-for-dinner menu. I too had been a frequent visitor (until recently for reasons other than anything to do with Strip-T's) but with the change to sandwiches for dinner will no longer be. Sandwiches are not what I generally what I want for dinner.

                                                                                              1. re: GretchenS

                                                                                                With the grilled romaine, miso burger and fried chicken on the menu, I personally will find plenty to eat. I guess I don't go to Strip T's often enough to get tired of ordering the same thing.

                                                                                              2. re: crystallyn

                                                                                                In my humble opinion, the place lost the magic once Ribelle opened (which is understandable). It used to be an ever changing kaleidoscope of flavors and ideas, and that all seemed to drain away over time - the hand of the master was noticeable in its absence. Oh well - I still enjoy the cauliflower and the eggplant banh mi, just at lunch. As others have noted, not really dinner fare.

                                                                                              3. We LOOOOVVE the recent menu change! We have been regulars (dinner once a week or so, lunch more often)since we moved back to Boston 2 years ago. We are going to be going for dinner a lot more now that they have this phenomenal all day menu.

                                                                                                I just had the best lamb sandwich ever created.
                                                                                                Their burger has ruined all other burgers for me east of the Mississippi.
                                                                                                The greek salad is the best in a town where you cant throw a rock without hitting Greek/Mediterranean food establishment....
                                                                                                I usually dont do dessert but the blueberry pie and Dulce de leche coconut macaroons are irresistible.

                                                                                                I have not been disappointed yet by one of the off menu nightly specials.

                                                                                                The staff is as superior and friendly as the food. I've never had bad or surly service and whoever does the play list for the music missed their calling as a DJ. Its eclectic and adds to the experience.
                                                                                                I always walk out of there in a better mood than when I walked in.
                                                                                                Even when I dont have a glass or two of their wines.
                                                                                                Which brings me to my only gripe.
                                                                                                The price point on the wine is above average for the area and the setting.
                                                                                                Cmon guys...really....I am perfectly happy to pay a reasonable or even high price for a good glass of wine but lets reevaluate this aspect of the menu.

                                                                                                That aside.
                                                                                                Try not to be dissuaded by some of the negative comments about the recent menu change and try this place out for dinner OR lunch...... salads, burgers, nightly specials or one of the best sandwiches you'll ever get.....Doesnt matter...Its ALL great.
                                                                                                You wont be sorry.

                                                                                                1 Reply
                                                                                                1. re: Mahk5

                                                                                                  I was disappointed when I heard about the change, but on a recent visit I found that the limited dinner menu still offered inventive and delicious food -- just fewer choices. That was OK with me and didn't really affect my dining experience.