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Apr 11, 2013 04:05 PM

Foreign and Domestic Bake Sale

I am coming in for the weekend from Dallas next weekend and want to check out their bake sale. Anyone have any info on what time people start lining up? I know sell outs are frequent, and would like to avoid waiting in a long line only to be left with scraps!

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  1. Twenty minutes before start time should be fine. The line is long but they have plenty of stuff. I don't think people who are there before they open don't food. Bring cash, no cards at least the last time I went. I'd recommend the skillet cookie or any of the pies.

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      I went on Easter weekend, 30 minutes before I was 4th in line, however, just 10 minutes later there were ten more people behind me. I'm sure they were all able to get what they wanted though.

      They do take credit cards now.

      If they have a brown butter blondie - get it.

    2. Thanks for the feedback! Also, thanks for the cookie and blondie recommendation. I did not even think to ask about item recommendations. So, Skillet cookie and brown butter blondie (you had me at brown butter) anything else?

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