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Parmesan and Curry?

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I'm having a dinner party that is mostly curry-themed, but my husband requested I make a cauliflower and sweet potato gratin. The gratin uses Parmesan and sage, but that seems an odd combination. Would substituting curry/spices for the sage be a gross combination with the Parmesan?

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  1. Yes! You need a more vegetal herb-y sort of flavor with cheeses as forward in flavor as that. Sage would not be my pick, either, but it would work. If I were mixing cauliflower and sweet potato and wanted an herb, I would probably go with something like tarragon or basil - one of the few things I'd use dried basil for, but it would have to be very fresh.

    What is non-Indian about that gratin is the use of a strong cheese. Indian cheese is more akin to farmer's cheese or even ricotta, and they would be more likely to treat a cauliflower and sweet potato dish just with a sweet spice - a touch of cardamom, maybe - and butter, no cheese at all. That might be the way to go.

    1. Does not sound appealing to me.
      You know you could replace the Cheese topping with buttered Bread Crumbs to avoid the clashing flavors. For that matter you can flavor the the Bread Crumbs by coarsely grinding Cilantro, Almonds and Garlic in to them.

      1. I think it would be very unappealing, sorry

        1. Sorry, unappealing to me as well. The flavours just don't go.

          I mean, I could make a reasonable gratin using parmesan and chilli powder, but it still wouldn't go with the rest of the dishes.

          1. In a nutshell, yes. But I think you could make an interesting dish by adding spinach and a little paneer. And using Indian spices rather than sage. Or just find a gobi aloo recipe. Good luck!

            1. Thanks everyone! I decided to ditch the gratin all together. There will always be other dinner parties! I am making ginger and chili spiced mashed potatoes in its place.

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                Vikram Vij makes a wonderful Indian cauliflower potato mash. Best of both worlds!!!

              2. I can't say about that recipe but I combine curry and Parmesan all the time with spinach: cook two boxes of frozen spinach, drain, and immediately while it's hot add a tablespoon of grated Parmesan, a teaspoon each of curry powder and garlic powder, and salt to taste. Everything melts together to make a sauce. And curry is delicious with sweet potato or carrots---the sweetness bounces off the curry flavor. I like your idea. The sage as well, who knows. Interesting. I've never combined it with curry. Let us know, please, what happens.