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Nov 8, 2001 07:23 PM

Where to find in Austin these things?

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Where in Austin can I get

Fresh lard - not the shelf-stable hydrogenated kind.

Frozen fish - Can't find it at Central Market. The stuff at my HEB on Oltorf looks and tastes freezer-burned and Whole Foods discontinued their frozen tuna steaks and salmon fillets (boo! My only reason for shopping there)

Raw oysters in a restaurant- Cap'ns is our usual choice but they taste kinda pale since our February trip to New Orleans - an unfair comparison to be sure and maybe it's just the warm weather.

Fried chicken - besides the Sunday buffet at Java Noodle where it's terrific but absent as of late. (maybe I should call ahead and request)

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    David "Zeb" Cook

    Don't know about fresh lard and never been one for frozen fish, but the best luck with oysters I've had in town is at the Old Alligator Grill on S. Lamar.

    David Cook

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      The last time I went to the Alligator Grille, the waitress was pushing their boiled crawfish special. Being from Louisiana and homesick for crawfish, I was intrigued. I asked her how much it cost, and her reply was astonishing (something like $12 or so a pound). I said, "boy, that just seems a little high to me. I think I'll pass." She replied (and I'm not making this up) "but it's a big pound".

    2. Fresh Lard: You might try Fiesta, but it's easy to do yourself.
      Frozen Fish: Eaves Brothers Quality Seafood on Airport.
      Fresh Oysters in a Restaurant: Eaves Brothers supplies a lot of the restaurants in town and they do have a small kitchen and dining area on site. Call first to check but I think it's BYOB. BTW, this place ROCKS for fried catfish.
      Fried Chicken: Gene's, The Friday lunch special at The Bitter End, Hoover's.