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Where would you take SF friends in Oakland for dinner

to make them more likely to come eat at oakland more often.




Miss Ollies
Ramen Shop

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  1. Gather, which is in Berkeley, but as long as they're putting themselves out to come ALL THAT WAY :-)

      1. Of that list, Miss Ollie's.

        How about:
        Wood Tavern
        Pizzaiolo/Boot and Shoe Service
        Juhu Beach Club

        1. Places in Oakland that I keep going back to -
          Camino, Vientian Cafe, Miss Ollies', and maybe Mua.

          Why the list of exclusions by the way, specifically Plum?

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          1. re: jhinky

            just because relevant parties have been there already -- although I will say I enjoyed Haven much more than Plum and am not really itching to go back to Plum. what's good there?

            1. re: hungree

              Have you been to Plum since the new chef, revised menu, and furniture makeover? It's a lot more like Haven than it was. I went with a friend who swore he'd never eat at Plum again and he was happy and wants to go back.

              1. re: hungree

                Just wondering, I am not that fond of Plum, but it seems to stand out of the list to me as the one I'd not want to exclude. But if your friends have been then that makes sense.
                Funnily my most memorable dinner at Plum was when Kim Alter did these preview dinners for Haven there.

            2. You have a lot of good suggestions already but A Cote might be worth looking at.

              1. The back room at A Cote.

                Wood Tavern.

                If the waits don't put you off Ramen Shop and Miss Ollie's, then Dopo or Comal.

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                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  wood tavern the other night: still really loud heading into 10p, the pork chop came smothered in gravy, ug. safe food. def not if you're trying to endear them to oakland. it's a neighborhood joint for people who can't be bothered to head downtown or sf. only lovable during the no mans land btw lunch and dinner

                  ramen shop is cute, haven't tried the other thoughts. duende is sexy fr the outside but portions/prices remind me of canales @ oliveto. camino is still my fave in oak. try brunch w cocktails.

                  1. re: rubadubgdub

                    For me Wood Tavern is as much of a destination place as any of the places downtown. I've never had the pork chop, and the way it comes smothered in Marsala cream sauce doesn't make it look all that appetizing to me, but the salads, cold cuts, pastrami sandwich, soups, pastas, and bouillabaisse are reliably great.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      But would you cross the bay to eat there? There are lots of places in SF doing similar food wout the hassle factor. As a neighbor I can never get in unless I plan it. I can't even drink at the bar bc they use it for dining.

                      Of the orig choices I would say duende but more for location. that area is walkable, bartable, and offers many good options.

                      1. re: rubadubgdub

                        I'd cross the bay for Wood Tavern's pastrami sandwich or bouillabaisse. Or for one of their occasional wine dinners.

                        Otherwise, I imagine SF has a few places that offer a similar combination of comfort food, superior execution, informal tavern atmosphere, and fine-dining level service. Range? Serpentine?

                    2. re: rubadubgdub

                      Share issues re pork chop + noise re Wood Tavern. But have also had lots of dishes that I've liked there--and when we're looking to eat out in Oakland/Berkeley, it's always at the top of the my husband's list.

                      And we ate @ Camino last night and had a lovely meal, per usual--brilliant vermouth cocktail--baby artichokes from the wood fire + blood orange made a maybe perfect dish--my husband felt the same re his pork--he started w/ a crab + mushroom + wild nettles soup that (to my mind--he was, as usual, more forgiving) had too much going on--and the asparagus + farro + egg main was very good tho a bit pricey ($22) for the components--service was great--and while it was crowded, it felt relaxed and not too loud.

                  2. Well, none of the options were more enticing than the A's game apparently. Friends ended up bailing on Oakland dinner (unless a hot dog at the coliseum counts) so the misses and I just went to try Juhu Beach Club for our first time (report here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8831...).

                    Hope to put this thread to good use in the future, next time we can coax the SFalites across the bridge.

                    1. Miss Ollie's is wonderful, and there's nothing in the city like it. Plus they finally got their liquor license, so they're serving rum cocktails.

                      1. I've lived in SF for over 10 years but have been living in Oakland just over 12 months. While I agree that SF does not have a restaurant like Miss Ollie's (delicious), I would pick Pizzaiolo for some head to head competition. SF has restaurants that are similar to Pizzaiolo, and imho Pizzaiolo is better than most if not all of their SF counterparts. And generally a few bucks cheaper.

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                        1. re: felice

                          +1 on pizzaiolo. SFers love the underappreciated neighborhood gem.

                            1. re: Windy

                              I wouldn't cross the bay either, not given all the good pizza in sf. Plus I've never had welcoming service there.

                              1. re: rubadubgdub

                                Wow, I had great service there. Maybe it's because I used I used to be an east-bay-er. Zero Zero feels like a corporate ripoff wasteland in comparison, for example.

                                1. re: bbulkow

                                  It's one of the few places where I've eaten where I've distinctly had the thought that the server was indifferent to us at best and/or didn't care if we had a nice time or good meal. Attitude is they'd really rather being doing something else. I've been enough times and experienced it from different people that it may be who they hire or a training issue.

                            2. re: bbulkow

                              pizzaiolo isn't even better than boot and shoe. sure it's good but why would you cross the bay for a place that has pretty much a duplicate just a few miles away... plus there's great pizza in SF

                              1. re: hungree

                                Boot & Shoe is essentially Pizzaiolo #2, same chef-owner, same style and menu. The original was quieter after the chef took the loud music with him to Boot & Shoe, which to me was an improvement. Both are pretty much the opposite of underappreciated.

                                I like Pizzaiolo but there are a lot of more or less similar places in SF. It has its own style but you'd have to be really into pizza to justify crossing the bridge, and even then I'd suggest trying Dopo first.

                          1. No Korean recommendations yet? I might have overlooked them, but except for Champa Garden, all of the restaurants recommended seem to be western in nature (or something like Ramen Shop with a high profile western background). Don't get me wrong, I like many of the restaurants recommended, but I'd also like to know where I can get as good a soondubu or short rib soup as Pyeongchang, or the variety and quality of banchan of Oghane in SF.

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                            1. re: Kirk_T

                              Generally I've found Korean food in Oakland better and more diverse than in SF, but: