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Apr 11, 2013 02:17 PM

Where would you take SF friends in Oakland for dinner

to make them more likely to come eat at oakland more often.




Miss Ollies
Ramen Shop

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  1. Gather, which is in Berkeley, but as long as they're putting themselves out to come ALL THAT WAY :-)

      1. Of that list, Miss Ollie's.

        How about:
        Wood Tavern
        Pizzaiolo/Boot and Shoe Service
        Juhu Beach Club

        1. Places in Oakland that I keep going back to -
          Camino, Vientian Cafe, Miss Ollies', and maybe Mua.

          Why the list of exclusions by the way, specifically Plum?

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          1. re: jhinky

            just because relevant parties have been there already -- although I will say I enjoyed Haven much more than Plum and am not really itching to go back to Plum. what's good there?

            1. re: hungree

              Have you been to Plum since the new chef, revised menu, and furniture makeover? It's a lot more like Haven than it was. I went with a friend who swore he'd never eat at Plum again and he was happy and wants to go back.

              1. re: hungree

                Just wondering, I am not that fond of Plum, but it seems to stand out of the list to me as the one I'd not want to exclude. But if your friends have been then that makes sense.
                Funnily my most memorable dinner at Plum was when Kim Alter did these preview dinners for Haven there.

            2. You have a lot of good suggestions already but A Cote might be worth looking at.