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Apr 11, 2013 02:12 PM

Best Wineries/Vineyards in Los Olivos/Santa Barbara Area + Dinner

Going up this weekend for a day trip. We're big fans of Sunstone Vineyards - we enjoy the wine a lot and the atmosphere there. We definitely enjoy good wine, but I think we enjoy a really nice tasting atmosphere even more.

We've done Firestone (sometimes good, sometimes not so much), Melville (nice atmosphere too), and Grand Avenue tasting rooms to name a few. A few others too but I'm drawing a blank. Any other suggestions are much appreciated.

Oh, and we'll probably do dinner up there as well. Looking for something casually nice. Went to Trattoria Grappolo last time and might end up there again, but if there's somewhere else we should check out, I'm all ears!

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  1. Bouchon (not Thomas Keller's Bouchon) in SB is fantastic for dinner. The Deep Sea tasting room located on the pier is also great for both their view and wines!

    1. Rusak is a favorite of mine in Solvang.

      1. babcock. my fave winery up there.


          really fine Syrah and Pinot. Also a great spot for lunch - out of the way.

          Probably the best Pinot in the region.

          Interesting Italian varietals.

          As for food, We've been visiting the area for nearly a decade and still can't find a place to eat that matches the quality of the wines. Dining in SB is probably your best bet.

          1. We were last in that area about a year ago, and really enjoyed our dinner at Cecco (in Solvang) which had been on the scene for about 6 months at that point. I'd definitely recommend it.


            We're also big fans of the Hitching Post in Buellton.

            For wine, we were impressed with Roblar on our most recent visit. They do food pairings with the wine, which is a nice feature.

            Another favorite tasting room is Dierberg/Star Lane. The tasting room itself is small, and standing-only at the bar. But they have a lot of outside tables, too. It's well off the highway on Drum Canyon Rd. And their wines (particularly their Bordeaux varietals) are superlative.

            I'll also second the recs for Rusack and Rancho Sisquoc. Zaca Mesa is a great spot, too.

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              Is the tasting room for Sine qua Non in that area too ?

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                SQN doesn't have a tasting room.