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Nov 8, 2001 12:29 PM

Austin area Chowhound feed

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Anyone interested in an Austin area Chowhound get-together? Please reply here and we'll start to get a head count.

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  1. I'm certainly interested.

    How are we ever going to decide on a place? There are so many choices and so many opinions. And we also have to decide a time. Egads...


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      David "Zeb" Cook

      Sure! Got any suggestions? I'll have to vote low budget, that's all.

      David "Zeb" Cook

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        Phil Wronski

        Count me in, please.

        I vote barbecue.

        1. Count me in. Like Phil, I would vote for BBQ.

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          1. re: Rob Hargrove

            As the list builds for this get-together, I'm hoping more people who browse Chowhound but don't post will chime in and come along. You folks know how I love my 'cue, but I'm gonna vote Mexican (authentic) to add another choice. Now, here's the tricky part. Any suggestions for a date?

            1. re: Greg Spence

              I vote Mexican, too, because I feel that I've sampled most of the 'cue in Austin, but have only skimmed the top of the Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex places.

              As for time, I'm more likely to make a weeknight dinner, but I understand if that on the weekend will probably be easier for others.


              1. re: Carter B.

                That's two for Mex, two for 'cue, and one who's happy either way. That makes Zeb the tiebreaker. I'm flexible on the day, any other thoughts in that arena? Mr. Cook?

                1. re: Greg Spence
                  David "Zeb" Cook

                  Okay, I'll come out of hiding.

                  I've got to vote for Mexican. At first I thought "We'll never agree on a 'cue place." Then I realized we'll probably never agree on a Mexican place either, but I still got to stick with my choice. Besides there's more of those I haven't been to yet.


                  1. re: David "Zeb" Cook

                    Mex it is. I'll be out of town next week until Tuesday the 27th. I'm hoping you'll all be digesting your Thnksgiving feasts but if you're anxious to get it on I'll understand.

                    1. re: Phil Wronski

                      What does everyone think about the first weekend in December? I'll follow up later with a list of potential restaurants; ideas are welcome.

                      1. re: Greg Spence

                        If we are talking the weekend of the 30th-2nd, that's great for me. I'll be out of town the 7th-10th.

                        1. re: Carter B

                          I'm interested. Mexican sounds good, that way my vegetarian husband can come along. The 1st weekend is out for me (I'll be feasting in San Francisco). Mid-week (the 5th) works for me, or the following weekend.

                          1. re: Carter B

                            Count me in too. Here are some nominations: Curra's, Polvo's (never been there but it sounds good), Taco XPress.

                            Looking forward to it.


                            1. re: Peter Imes

                              I also vote for Curra's. It makes the mark for a good, diverse menu, great food and reasonable prices. I'm going to suggest we put this off until early January to allow people more planning time. Any feedback, folks?

                          2. re: Greg Spence
                            David "zeb" Cook

                            Sounds good as long as it's not the 2nd. Have a commitment for that day already. A question though -- are we likely to get better food and service on a weekday?

                            At any rate we'll need plenty of time to argue about a place!

                            David "Zeb" Cook

              2. My wife & I would probably be interested. We live in Houston. Either Mexican or BBQ sounds great. Y'all decide.