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Apr 11, 2013 01:25 PM

quiet-ish bar in financial/seaport friday

i know that it's the friday before the marathon, so it might be a tall order. any suggestions for a small group for after work cocktails and apps in a place where conversation would be possible? one in the group suggested smith and wollensky.

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  1. The bar area at Petit Robert might be a good option. They have some high tables and sofas and it hasn't been too loud/crowded when I've been there.

    1. anyplace down there after 5 is going to be busy, that includes s & w.

      you might want to try the rowes wharf sea grill, though. i never see anybody in there.

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        ha. right! the one time i went there for a drink before dinner i was the only one!

      2. The bar at Radius is quiet enough if it isn't too crowded, and Tavern Road has space but is pretty lively at that hour - I met there with four others at 6p on a recent Friday and enjoyed it - very good (easy enough to access the bar, too) drinks and animated (standing) discussion, but I would not have attempted business or serious conversation.

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        1. re: rlh

          i never have luck after work at Radius. I love that bar, but it's always a mob scene on thursdays and fridays at the 5 o'clock whistle.

          what about the Ames?

          1. re: eLizard

            Ames is also mobbed on Fridays. Try MKT, across the street from the Vault. For some reason although it looks nice, no one ever seems to be in that place except when they have special events.

            If not there, maybe the bar at Oceanaire? Or Bond in the Langham? Or City Landing where Sel de la Terre used to be? The bar in the Intercontinental?

        2. Nix's Mate might work for this.

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          1. re: ebone

            so weird, i just suggested nix's mate for another thread! duh! you're right!

          2. thank you all. we went to the Ames. to kick off a weekend that ended in an unimaginable way. i hope all are safe.