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Nov 2, 2001 12:05 PM

Cheese Steak Sandwich in Houston

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Maybe this has already been covered, but is there anywhere in Houston to get an authentic cheese steak sandwich?

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  1. There is a spot on FM 1960 (Willobrook side) that my friend swears by. I'll get the name for you. I think they also have a location on Fountainview South of Westheimer.

    Don't bother with Texadelphia. I had one at their location in The Village as was disapointed. I have had better one at Subway.

    1. Go to Philly's on Chimney Rock, between Richmond and Westheimer. For dessert, you can even get those god-awful Tastee-Cakes, or whatever those Philadelphia version of Little Debbies are.

      1. I see & hear this plea come up countless times, in many cities, and it makes me sad because I know the longing too well. But we all know the real answer (sniffle).

        1. The place on Chminey Rock B/W richmond and Westheimer is Jakes Philly Steaks and it is great. Try the Texas cheese steak with Pico de gallo, yum yum.

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            Thanks for the tip. I just had lunch there. It really is great. I'll be going back. I had the standard sandwich today, next time it will be the one with pico de gallo, after that I think I'll try the Italian sausage sandwich. Jake's website is