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Apr 11, 2013 01:01 PM

Please check my Chinatown Itinerary....

I'm takin a small group of out of town/state people to Chinatown on a Saturday.

Here is a few places I thought of to do. Please tell me what to add or drop, because I have been reading both new and older posts. Thanks.

Mei Sum Bakery - Bahn Mi
Eldo - Egg tart, sponge cake and Beef Curry Turnover
Ho Yuen Ting - Coconut Bun

Either Dumpling Cafe or Best Little Restaurant
Should I go to DC just for Taiwan Bun, or stay for lunch.
Went to Best Little and liked it there, great pork ribs and lettuce wraps.

Bubble Tea at 163?

C-Mart for Shopping afterward. Also, is there any other market specialty store I should put on my list? Chinatown is now spread out to across Kneeland (highway) and would like to show them a nice day. We will park in one of the lots in Chinatown and be walking, which is fine. But I may have missed things the last time I went in.

Thanks in advance. BTW, I have searched for any unique finds, but no luck.

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  1. My fav bubble tea is at Great Taste, good bakery there too. I like the buns with the yellow custard inside and the yellow crust on top.. Sometimes called pineapple buns but not all pineapple buns have the cream in them. I think they call them "custard buns". I hear the restaurant is also very good but have not eaten there.
    I usually park in the garage across the highway above Hei La Moon, if you eat some dimsum at HLM they will give you a discounted parking ticket. there is a decent grocery store in that block as well.
    The lots seem to cost more than the garages from what i have experienced. there is another garage on Beach street

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    1. re: hargau

      Thanks hargau,

      I'll check out GT. The lots are about $22 dollars for the day, which isn't too bad for the convenience.

      1. re: hargau

        That garage is 12usd for the day on weekends.

        Was there today, and then went over to Winsor (which is where Ten Tyler once was. Then they moved out to Four Corners in Newton and changed. sigh) and ate about 7000 calories of dim sum after working all night.

        now my stomach hurts.

      2. I really like Dumpling Cafe, but if you're chow-crawling and only get one dish, I think their XLB ("mini juicy pork or pork/crab buns") are the best in the neighborhood.

        Also check out:

        Eagle Kitchen Supply on Lincoln St. Cooking and serving supplies.

        Shojo on Tyler St for cocktails at its charming little bar.

        Chinatown Hit on Harrison Ave near Beach St for kitschy, cheap, tacky clothing, shoes, housewares, decorations, counterfeit designer goods and souvenirs.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Thanks MC, between you and Kenji (SE), I am sold on those XLB buns at DC. We will definately stop for those.

          And thanks for the other tips too.

        2. Also try the Portuguese tart at Best Little... possibly my favorite dessert in Boston, period.

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          1. re: StriperGuy

            Thanks SG,

            I love Best Little, and what a funny name for an Asian dessert. Will definately check it out. :)


            1. re: mcel215

              It's called "Portuguese" because it's basically pasteis de nata crossed with a HK egg tart (invented in Macau).

              1. re: mcel215

                Can't speak for SG, but I'm pretty sure he meant the Portuguese tart at Great Taste Bakery, on Beach St. I'm a big fan of that dessert, too. Very delicate flavor.

                I'm also a big fan of Best Little, for all that other stuff, too.

                Big fan.

                1. re: Alcachofa

                  Sorry you got it right Alcachofa, meant to say Great Taste for the tart...

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    I dont notice much difference between the Portuguese tart and the normal egg tarts. Its as if the portuguese one is just put under the broiler for a bit to darken up the tops..

                    1. re: hargau

                      I find them milkier and less eggy than the egg tarts in addition to the broiling.

                      1. re: hargau

                        Not my experience. Much more like an Italian Panna Cotta. Just perfection in a tiny tart shell. Delicate, just the right amount of sweetness, none of the egginess of the custards (which I like just fine) totally different beast.

                        1. re: StriperGuy

                          I will have to try them again. I typically just get bubble tea and pass on the baked goods as its always after stuffing myself at HLM.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Isn't there a small C-Mart in the rear of the building that Hei La Moon is in, entrance on Beach Street on the other side of the Surface Road near Lincoln? I'm hoping that is still the case, as the Washington Street one was where we got all the tea for our office.


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Yes. That's actually the one I always go to, as somehow I'd thought that was the big one. Are/were there three of them?

                    1. re: antimony

                      There are currently three: Beach St at Lincoln, Washington at Beach (both Chinatown), and Washington at Herald in the South End.

                      Probably more accurate to call the second one Knapp Street at Beach, as they've kept the Washington Street entrance locked for a few months now (which scared me as a fire hazard).


                  2. re: Allstonian


                    This is terrible news. Thank you so much for telling me, we go there all the time when in CT. I am lucky to live near H-Mart in Burlington, so I won't really miss out. But, the last time I was there it was mobed, so I know the place will be missed.


                    1. re: Allstonian

                      We've been doing most of our Ctown shopping at Sun Sun on Oxford x seafood. Not the selection of CMart but better quality and rarely a line. We generally found long lines at CMart..Washington/Knapp.

                      We get seafood at Happy Family on Hudson St

                    2. The purple taro crepe-wrapped taro buns at 101 are one of my favorites. Also, all of their items have ingredient listings set out in English, so if anyone has limitations and wants pastries, head there.

                      163 is my go-to for bahn mi, but I'm vegetarian and their mock duck is great; meat-eaters may rank bahn mi differently.

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                      1. re: antimony

                        Thanks ant,

                        I am still torn about the Mei Sum bakery and 163 for Bahn Mi. :)