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Apr 11, 2013 12:49 PM

Adult beverages

We will be in Portland for four days and three nights during the first week of May. Have our lodging (White House) and restaurants (LePigeon, Ox, Toro Bravo and Pok Pok) picked out, but would like to experience about two drinking establishments a day to get the vibe of Portland and have some late afternoon or pre-dinner beers.

I realize that this general question has been asked before, but would appreciate a list of some "can't miss" pubs, small breweries or any form of building that will give an interesting and culturally (in a beer sense) type of time. Will have a car and a DD. Enjoy old-school charm and people watching.


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  1. Go to the "back bar" at Jake's Famous Crawfish. Seats maybe six or seven. Bartenders, not mixologists, with bow ties and white jackets/vests. Old school all the way, like Tadich Grill in San Francisco. It ain't hip or trendy. Just solid and charming.

    For one of the best beer selections in town, try the Horse Brass on Belmont...50-60 beers on tap, at least. And they rotate, so always some cool, interesting and unusual stuff. Not hip or trendy, just solid for beer. It's an English-style pub. Food's ok, but the beer is crazy good. Not so crowded these days, so it's a comfy spot to get soused before dinner!

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      I agree with the Horse Brass and while you're in the neighborhood, a few blocks away is the Belmont Station which is my favorite beer bar in town. They always have really interesting beers on tap.

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        So far it looks like Horse Brass, Hair of the Dog, and Hopworks.

      2. If you want to people watch and it's a nice day, Amnesia on N Mississippi is a great place, no frills and it's a local brewery..
        If you are adventurous in your beer drinking Cascade Brewing has Sour beers, and the goat herd across the street are adorable!!!

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          Amnesia looks like it will be a good spot for us to stop in mid-afternoon when strolling up or down Mississippi.