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Apr 11, 2013 12:32 PM

Suggestion for new topic in Home Cooking

Below are some topics that have gotten alot of responses.
Is ?there an interest

How much do you spend on groceries each month?he Week, What Would You Buy?

If You Were Broke For The Week, What Would You Buy?

Rising Food Prices - what are you doing to stay within your food budget?

What is your "go to" meal when there is too much month left at the end of the paycheque - past or present

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  1. Not sure I udnerstand your point.

    You mention past threads which have generated lots of conversation. You then seem to be asking if we want to discuss these topics again. Or have I missed something?

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    1. re: Harters

      I would like these topics to be in one location in a more organized order
      I would like topics to be revisited

    2. Are you talking about a "frugal" subforum?

      1. Similar to a monthly food project like what's appearing on the HC board under Home Cooking Dish of the Month?

        Each month a diff. topic having to do with food budgeting, smart meal planning, stretching your food buying dollar, etc. and then a month to kick ideas around?

        Am I on track?

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          unfortunately i donot have a way with words

          1. re: jpr54_1

            No way, if I got it you're doing great. jpr, I was just double-checking that I understood your idea before I said anything more.

            I see you tried posting this idea on Site Talk already. So, I hope you receive some interest. I agree with you that a monthly "challenge" might be a fun way to share food buying/budgeting tips and with your home economist background I would expect some real insights!

            Thank you for suggesting it.

          2. re: HillJ

            I really like that idea. While I will admit that the extreme measures presented in the recent frugal living thread didn't really resonate with me (and I didn't care for the preachy tone), eating quality food in a cost effective manner is important to me. I would love to read ideas and suggestions from CHers.

            1. re: jlhinwa

              Exactly! And some of the newer threads that came along soon after the frugality discussion have been super useful and fun to follow. I agree with you jlh, I think jpr is onto something!

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. I love this idea In Theory.
              So how would we be able to make this become a sustainable/ continuable topic? Like:
              April/ May 2013 Best Choices for budget-minded home cooks

              how would that not get "worn out" before we got to the June/ July edition?