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Apr 11, 2013 11:17 AM

Ballard Breweries

More Ballard brewery news:

Another brewery, Bad Jimmy's, will be opening later this month or in early May in the building that housed the Seattle Crossfit right behind the Leary Traveler. It is essentially across the street from Hales at 4358B Leary Way NW.

There has also been some press for them already.

Here is the most recent update on their opening.

Then, this Summer, Stoup Brewery will be opening in Ballard.

Here is some more information:

Stoup will be at 1108 NW 52nd Street (basically 11th and 52nd) about .3 miles from Populuxe (49th closer to 9th than 8th) and about .2 miles to Reuben's Brews (14th and 53rd).

So that will make 10 breweries in Ballard by this Summer.

West of 15th:
Ballard Urban Family Brewing (2012) -- 5329 Ballard Ave. NW
Hilliard's (2011) -- 1550 NW 49th St. (between 15th and 17th Ave.
)NW Peaks (2010) -- 4912 17th Ave NW (17th Ave. @ 49th St.)
Peddler Brewing (2013) -- 5914 Leary Way NW (Leary @ Ballard Bridge)

East of 15th:
Maritime (1990) -- 1111 NW Ballard Way (between 11th & 14th Ave)
Reuben's Brews (2012) -- 1406 NW 53rd St. (53rd and 14th)
Stoup Brewing (2013*) -- 1108 NW 52nd Street (11th and 52nd)
Populuxe (2013) -- 826B NW 49th St. (between 8th and 9th Ave.)
Hales (1995) -- 4301 Leary Way (Leary @43rd St.)
Bad Jimmy's (2013*) -- 4358B Leary Way NW (Leary at NW Bright St.)


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  1. Now if they can just break the idiotic Manny's/Mac&Jack stranglehold on local tap handles!

    I say the more the long as it's not all IPA all the time.


    3 Replies
    1. re: kaleokahu

      But, come on, how awesome is it that we live in a place where Manny's and Mac & Jack's are the "boring" beers available at even the shittiest bars.

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Hi, Yoshi:

        As always, you have a point.

        My conceit is that, in our area where we have a surfeit of really good local beer, those two are breathing the same air. For example, in the watering holes of Ballard itself, I'm always dismayed that Manny's and M&J manage to crowd out some stellar brews like Maritime's Flagship. There just aren't enough handles, I guess.

        But yes, we are lucky to have any beer at all.


        1. re: kaleokahu

          Sometimes, it's a popularity contest, unfortunately (can you say bottom line?), not just the new-kid or the old gal we haven't seen in a while, like Maritime Flagship.

          That brings back great memories.... I need to get me one of those MF oldster brews again soon. Shoot. Now I regret I am not a young hipster, and I know what that is to miss it.

    2. Haven't hit all the new ones yet but on the bucket list. So far, Reuben's has by far the best beers of anything I have found in Ballard, but I am a Hophead.