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Apr 11, 2013 11:10 AM

Indian Restaurant in London?

Going to London in May and wanted to try a great Indian restaurant…any recs? Open to any price range, but would like to go for dinner.

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  1. Are you staying centrally please?

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      We are staying in Kensington, but willing to take the tube pretty much anywhere.

      1. Moti Mahal.

        But then I always recommend Moti Mahal for Indian.

        So easy in an unfamilar town to perhaps think you're eating Indian, but in fact you're eating Bangladeshi or Pakistani.

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        1. re: Harters

          I went a few nights ago and while the food was good it was a tad on the crazy expensive side for what I perceived to be just slightly better than average curry.

          The menu is ridiculously confusing and the staff, while very efficient and friendly, are a bit pretentious (they sort of thought my friends I and were plebs because we kept having to ask about the menu).

          The menu is a 'concept' and they've done away with appetizers, sides, mains, etc., so its really up to the diner to figure out which is which (it's all interspersed together).

          I liked my food but thought it was the most annoying restaurant I've been to probably ever. Plus, £6 for a half bottle of Cobra is the domain of Michelin-starred restaurants, not Covent Garden curry houses.

          1. re: brokentelephone

            I'll let "howler" talk about how, in an Indian meal, there is no concept of starters, mains, etc. He was a great guide to ordering before I first went.

            But, for folk who havnt got a "howler", and who want to eat in a western manner, then the easiest way to determine what might be a starter and what might be a mian is simply to look at pricing. There is significant price differences between the two groups of plates.

            By the by, I've always found the staff very helpful and willing to explain dishes.

        2. Just a few more names for you to consider... Amaya, Quilon, The Cinnamon Club (fantastic ambiance and a modern take on Indian food) and Bombay Brasserie does a very good weekend brunch buffet.