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Apr 11, 2013 10:46 AM

Spanish cooking chorizo in St. Pete area

I'm trying to find Spanish type cooking chorizo in Pinellas County. I've tried Mazzaro's but they only had the fully cured, dried variety. I understand that Portuguese linguica is an acceptable alternative, so, failing the first request, does any one know of a source for that? This is to be used in a paella, if that is an important consideration. Thanks!

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  1. As recent as 2 months ago I bought some at Borenquen Market on Columbus Ave Tampa, just 2 or 3 blocks east of Himes Avenue on the south side of the street. It was fresh chorizo but in a casing and in the meat department.

    They also have the dried packaged variety so you have to go to the meat counter for what you're after.

    1. You are going to laugh but Sweetbay carries fresh chorizo. It can be a little on the spicy side for me but I am a wimp. It is ususally in the butcher case with the italian and turkey sausages or over in the meat cases with the other fresh sausages.

      1. I get my fresh chorizo from Cacciatore's on Armenia in Tampa. It is in a casing also. I would call to check first as they do run out of it quickly each day most times.

        1. johnschiap,

          Spanish chorizo is typically smoked dried and ready to eat. This is what you are looking for. Portuguese chorizo is also typically smoked and dried and also ready to eat.

          Fresh chorizo is usually Mexican and must be cooked before eating and not a replacement for Spanish paella. Commercial fresh chorizo is usually made from the lowest quality cuts of pork including the endtrails and organ meat. You can easily make your own fresh chorizo at home, just google a recipe.

          Spanish paella never includes fresh chorizo, only the dried and cured kind. Portuguese chorizo would be a fine alternative to Spanish.

          The best Spanish chorizos I've found so far are Goya brand, which is available everywhere, and one that the Fresh Market sells which is much longer and attached by a string. I believe Publix sells the Portuguese chorizo.

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          1. Publix carries fresh Spanish and also Portuguese chouri├žo. Saw it yesterday.