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Apr 11, 2013 10:33 AM

Paris dining questions

Leaving in 4 weeks, done some research, lots of questions, trying to do dinner within 6/7 Arre. as this is where we will be staying, want to be able to walk home. Looking for myself and DD (22).

1) for our first night, we tend to be very jet lagged, La Petite Chaise on Rue de Grenelle is very close to our apartment - good place for dinner without having to venture far? If not, need rec near Rue de Grenelle and Blvd Raspail.
2) I can't seem to find an online menu for Catherine Reed resto - any comments? Heard not many French natives venture here - food good? worthwhile?
3) Le Petit Troquet - found mixed reviews. There is a discount on The Fork, is this OK or should we head elsewhere? Always leery about discounts but we ate here last time and it was good then
4) If we can't get into Huiterie Regis, I seem to recall Le Relais de l'Entrecote is not too far away, or Cafe Vesuvio, any other recs in that area if we can't get seated?
5) Les Cocettes des Constant - can we get reservations?


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  1. As far as Huitrerie Regis is concerned, let them know you'd like a table, or two seats, and then you can go to the cafe across the street and have a glass of wine, or mineral water, or whatever. When your table at Regis is ready, someone will come to call you. You can bring your unfinished beverage from the cafe over to Regis.

    1. I think the Chaise is coasting on its reputation and would counsel against it. Try Le 122.
      People report Catherine Reed as empty or struggling, I love it, I heard no English. On line menus are an American thing.
      Never been to Le Ptit Troquet.
      Relais is like Holiday Inn's, better and average and predictable but no fireworks. Semilla's a better bet and not too far.
      I think Cocottes takes reservations, Café C does not but I forget.

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        Cocottes doesn't take reservations. I was there a few weeks ago -- a trip down memory lane for my daughter and me. It was tasty enough, but now I can wait anonther 3 or so years to return, and at 9pm on a Monday night, a short wait.

      2. Agree with JT that La Petite Chaise is flirting with ordinariness... but still good enough if jet-lag has dulled the senses. Also agree that Le 122 on the rue Grenelle (7 to 10-min walk from bd Raspail) would be a great choice if excellent cuisine is the criterion. Some other options in the same area: La Laiterie Clothilde on the rue Bellechasse and the Chez Graff also on the rue Bellechasse. Chez Graff is relatively new so not much noise about it on the web but the foodie radar, a rave review in Le Fooding, and my own very good dinner there last week all say "excellent".

        Catherine Reed, I like (not love) but lots of other people rave about it, so why not? Le P'tit Troquet, never a disappointment there for me or my usually complaining friends... the cooking isn't done by robots so, judging from the mixed reviews, it can have a bad day (just like every other restaurant)... and it is GREAT value. Huîtrerie Régis, not a fan but it does get a lot of rec's on Chowhound so obviously visitors love it... for shellfish in St Germain des Prés, I prefer l'Ecume des Bulles on the rue Quatre Vents because it has a more Germanopratin vibe. Relais de l'Entrecôte, great as a backup but can have long long long waits on Friday or Saturday unless you get there at just before the 7pm opening... same price point and cutesy factor but more adventurous cooking, la Bastide d'Opio on the rue Guisard... updated trad and charming but away from the St Germain hustle-n-bustle, la Cuisine de Philppe on the rue Servandoni across from the Luxembourg (the last two, only fellow chowhounder lemarais and I seem to know about)