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Where to find chickpea flour?

Went to Sevan, Arax and Eastern Lamejune today in search of chickpea flour, but struck out. Apparently, it is very specific to Iranian cuisine. I will likely head to Waltham's Indian supermarkets next, as Indians do use chickpea flour in their cooking. Anyone seen chickpea flour in Waltham's Indian supermarkets or anywhere else? Would very much appreciate a nudge in the correct direction. TIA!

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  1. Most Indian stores carry it under the names "gram flour" or "besan". hope that helps.

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      so true. I've seen it so labelled at every little hole in the wall Indian market I've been to.

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        Shalimar, the Indian grocery in Central Square, Cambridge, right next to the Central Kitchen and Libby's Liquors, always has it. At the end of the grains aisle on your left.

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          India Food and Spices, 84 River Street near Central Square, usually has it too.

    2. I used to get it at Farmer's Bounty in Davis, but they closed to make way for fro-yo or falafel, I can't remember which. Have you called Christina's? Or maybe that little convenience store in Teele? They used to carry lots of Indian spices, but I haven't stopped in recently. Will be curious to hear where you find it.

      1. Bob's Red Mill also distributes a packaged version, which I have seen around. Market Basket and Ocean State Job Lot seem to have the largest BRM displays. Some Italian stores also carry a version and the odd Portuguese store might have it, but this would be less easy to find than Bob's or at an Indian store.

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          I buy the BRM chickpea flour at Market Basket in Burlington.

        2. Sorry that you already went to Watertown and struck out - there's an Iranian bakery on Mount Auburn Street just outside of Watertown Square, Tabrizi Bakery. Besides a unique selection of baked items, they carry a small selection of grocery items.

          1. I remember buying some from Bob's Red Mill at Whole Foods to make Socca, so it may be worth a call to check if they have it.

            1. I got some a few weeks ago at Polcari's in the North End...they have it in their bulk containers.

              1. Harvest Coop in Central Square, Cambridge?

                1. The Indian places in Waltham have it for sure. While you are there hit the food court in the basement; excellent stuff.

                  1. I have bought it at Christina's in Inman Square before.

                    1. that weird little store next to the franklin cafe.

                      1. Super Hero is the Persian grocery store in Watertown and they would have what you need.

                        1. Ocean State Job Lot carries the Red Mill version.

                          1. I get the Sadaf brand here in CA. Iranian recipes use two different kinds of chickpea flour—flour made from roasted or non-roasted chickpeas. The roasted variety is used for sweets (e.g. cardamom-spiced chickpea cookies—the best!), while the non-roasted variety, which is too bitter for sweets, is used in savory cooking. I've only found the non-roasted variety used in Indian food, mostly in pakora batter, so I'd make sure the flour is the kind you want wherever you end up getting it. Good luck

                            1. Thanks, C-Hounds for all the suggestions!! I knew I could depend on you! Though I struck out in finding the chickpea flour, I ended up drowning my sorrows with food at Sevan. Stuffed eggplant, kibbe and spinach pie (phyllo dough). Made for an awesome lunch and also dinner later.

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                                I've bought some from Waltham India Market. You could also check at Salem Food, which is a nice little Italian import market across from the Indian markets on Moody.

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                                  If you go the Persian store in Watertown (Super Hero) you will certainly find all the chickpea flour you could ever want.

                                  I can't imagine going someplace else for this staple of Iranian food.

                                  It's not far from where you were at Sevan actually but most people on this board don't seem to know it and it almost never gets a mention.

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                                    If you have trouble finding chickpea flour locally, I always buy mine from nuts.com. I love that website. As an aside, they're also a very reliable source for Italian pignolis (no pine mouth!) and blanched almonds.