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Apr 11, 2013 10:03 AM


I have a few Staub pieces, in different colors, and I just love them--so much more than LeCreuset. A few of the reasons are: 1) classy design, 2) great colors, 3) black interiors, 4) spikes in lids, and 5) easy to clean.

I happen to think all of their colors are great. I know they introduced a color, Titanium, in 2008, and I'm just getting around to loving it, and now that I'm having a hard time finding it, I think I NEED it! Does anyone know if they discontinued it, or just in the U.S.; more importantly, where can I find it in some of the larger sizes? It is oh so gorgeous, and I want it oh so badly! You know how that is!

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  1. Silly me! Just found out the answer to my own question--Staub discontinued the Titanium color about a year ago. Iff anyone loves it as much as I do, give them a call at 800/777-4308 (and ask for Consumer Relations) and ask them to bring it back! Thanks.

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      1. The inside of the Staub oven discolors and stains just like LC. It doesn't stay pristine.

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          I keep a vinegar/water spritz bottle by my stove for cleanup and I use it in the bottom of my little 2 3/4 Staub when it has white residue after cleaning. Sometimes only a 5 minute soak takes care of it, or it's it's bad, like after beans, a 20 minute soak. I've only had it for about six months, but the interior looks just like it did new and we use it a couple of times a week. Maybe in a year or two it won't look like that but the white marks have cleaned up perfectly so far.

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            Cam14, I have the same white residue issue with my Staub ovens. I can't feel it and they still clean easily and cook beautifully but I would like to remove it if possible. Would you mind providing further details on the vinegar/water spritz you use? Do you just spray the bottom once it has cooled and let it sit or are you filling the bottom with a certain amount of the mixture? Thanks!

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              Hi Lyfs2short, I tumbled onto this when I cooked country ribs and sauerkraut in a foggy bottomed LC pan. I hadn't been able to get it shiny again but the acidic sauerkraut took all the cloudiness away and I had a brand new looking pan again. So now when one of my pans has white residue after washing normally, I just spritz the bottom with a half/half mixture of white vinegar and water, let it sit a few minutes and it wipes out, looking like new. If it's really bad, a simmer with vinegar water to cover the stains has worked too. I do this with my All Clad stainless when it has white residue left after washing with good results. I've done it each time, so not sure how it will work with your Staub that has stains cooked in more than once, but it's worth a try. Good luck.

              1. re: Cam14

                Thanks Cam14! I actually heated straight white vinegar on low heat for about 5 minues and then washed with dish liquid. My Staub is like new! I had already emailed Staub and received a response from them earlier today. They were very quick to respond and recommended I boil a mixture of half water/half vinegar. They said this is probably caused by hard water. So, next time I will mix the vinegar with water like you and Staub customer service recommended. I like your idea of spritzing the bottom too so I'll try that first. Thanks again!

      2. I really like my Staub pieces better than my LC for most of the reasons you stated. It not that LC is bad, it's just that Staub is better!

        1. I am so glad there is both LC and Staub. I prefer the LC colors. The brightness and the variegated coloring is what attracted me to enameled CI. They have so many choices of colors too. And I love that is is a little lighter than my bare CI. I also like the light interior. But I am having to just accept the staining thing. I have one pot that I burned some beans in and it really bugs me. It is now light brown in the bottom and the shine is completely gone where the beans burned. It still cooks as well as it did before the burning. So no damage was done in that respect. I love using the DOs and I love just looking at them.

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            DG, have you tried cleaning the no-longer-shiny surface with Barkeeper's Friend? That has worked for me, I guess when some filmy substance is actually clinging to the enamel.

            1. re: Jay F

              Or, sometimes boiling some vinegar does the trick. Try a solution of half water half vinegar and gently boil.

              1. re: Jay F

                No, I have not tried the barkeeper a friend. I have tried, salt, and baking soda, and soaking in vinegar. All these things helped, but did not completely get rid of the stain.

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                  DG, just curious, is this one of the new Signature line or a little older LC oven?

                  1. re: dixiegal

                    DG, I just looked at a LC oven that had gotten dull on the bottom. Not to say every case will be the same, but it is now bright and shiny. I used either BKF or Bon Ami to clean it, and I'm pretty certain it was BKF.

              2. Hi All, I have Staub in Grenadine and the Saphire Blue and would like one in Basil - I think its fun to have a mix of colors and I enjoy the vibrant rich colors of Staub. Does anyone know if Staub released a new color for 2013? I had heard they had a new "Burnt" orange and that the Pumpkin Cocotte has been slightly re-designed to look more realistic but haven't found anyone selling them yet. Also, does anyone know which vendors have "Exclusive" colors and what those colors are. I am familiar with the WS availability but it seems like other stores have more colors available. And lastly, does anyone know which colors have been discontinued, besides the Titanium mentioned above? Thanks!

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                  Take a look here for the standard colors:!round-cocot... SLT and WS both have exclusive colors, I don't know of any others that have their own colors. The new orange is called Saffron.

                  1. re: mikie

                    The new orange is not Saffron. Saffron's been carried in Sur La Table stores for a couple years. I know this because the Pentagon Row store in Arlington has the skillets on clearance. It's a deeper dijon mustard color, not orange.

                    The new orange color is due for a Fall 2014 release according to Zwilling Henckels' Facebook page a few weeks ago.

                    1. re: ProfessorBear

                      Yes, they've announced the new Orange, and displayed a mini cocotte in white in shows and on the French site.

                      Many other colors are being sold in one's and two's at other sites--even with Staub names on the item and box--that are not acknowledged at any of the Staub official sites: France, UK, Canada, or USA.

                      Do you or anyone else have any further experience or insight?

                      1. re: ProfessorBear

                        Perhaps I should rephrase my statement. At least at the time of the post above, 9 months or so ago, the replacement color for orange and the closest to orange, since orange was no longer a color option, was Saffron. Not that saffron is orange, but that's what it replaced in the line up on the website.