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Apr 11, 2013 09:33 AM

How do you clean a filthy microwave oven

Yes, too many spills and explosions and I'm not a good cleaner-uper.

What can I do now to get my microwave looking like new?

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  1. You can put a bowl of water in and let it come to a boil for a while to steam and soften the stuck on mess.

    A degreaser is often times useful as well to help break down oily substances.

    1. You just have to clean it. Elbow grease and whatever cleaner you use. I use Mrs. Meyer's clean day for mine.

      1. Microwave 1:1 white vinegar and water until you see it bubbling. The vapors will soften up debris--just wipe it down with a slightly soapy scrub sponge after that..

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          1. A bowl of water with some lemon juice should do it. Just nuke it for a few minutes and it will loosen any gunk.

            1. I take a smelly sponge, soak it and put in a few drops of dish detergent. Run it on high for about a minute. This not only loosens all the gunk, but disinfects the sponge into a non-smelly sponge.

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                I do something similar. Get a dishrag wet and ring it out. Zap for a minute or two and then leave the door closed for 5 or 10 minutes. The steam softens all the gunk and it will wipe clean quite easily. If it is really bad it might take 2 or 3 rounds.