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Apr 11, 2013 08:29 AM

Local Food in Charlottesville

We will be visiting Charlottesville VA for one night, and would like a good meal at a place that uses local ingredients where possible, and serves VA wines and beers. Three places have been suggested: The Local, Brookville and C&O. Brookville looks interesting, but seems to serve a lot of pork and bacon, which we prefer not to eat. A friend had two really good meals at the Local, but the reviews on another website were not very good. Do you have a recommendation among these, or a different recommendation? Thanks!

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  1. Do you mind sharing the website with the bad review for the Local? I have reservations there and would love to read it. thanks.

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      Tripadvisor. It had some good reviews but a number of not-very-good reviews.

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        kodiakbear, thanks, you have to weed thru these reviews and sort out the issues, so thanks I'll check em out.

    2. I've had good food at The Local. Other great restaurants that focus on sourcing locally:

      And if you want fine dining, you can't beat