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Apr 11, 2013 08:08 AM

headed for Paris in May...

I’ve gotten a huge amount of information trawling the boards here, while planning for our trip to Paris May 7 – 14. Thank you!

So… we have reservations at Le Severo (dinner) and Le Grand Vefour (lunch). Planning to also reserve Bistrotters, Breizh Café and Le 6 Paul Bert. Planning to head straight to Frenchie Wine Bar immediately on arrival on Tuesday evening. Hoping to try Terroir Parisien and L’Avant Comptoir. We’ll post impressions when we get back

Any thoughts on our list would be most welcome. Would also appreciate any guidance on non-restaurant food adventures we should try – markets, bakeries, chocolate shops, cheese shops, coffee spots, kitchen stores, wine tasting – that sort of thing. We are staying in an apartment in the Marais with a full kitchen – any thoughts on a favorite market to buy ingredients for one home meal? Anyone know where we can buy a Bresse chicken? The best butter? Any great places to drink Calvados? Merci beaucoup!

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  1. From my standpoint it looks fine, remember that L'Avant Comptoir is standing and crowded.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Yep, read that about it - thinking of that for a late night or mid-afternoon wine-and-snacks. Thanks!

    2. I like to spend a day or two hopping the Batobus to see the sights. So relaxing! My favorite bakery is Gerard Mulot for fancy tarts and macarons. There's one in the 14th and one in the 6th.

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        Thanks! We are definitely planning to make use of the Batobus, since our apartment is near one of the stops. Glad to hear it is nice. And thanks for the bakery suggestion - I just checked their website and it turns out they now have a branch in the Marais, too, so I've added it to our neighborhood map!