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Apr 11, 2013 07:55 AM

Carolina BBQ on I-95 for non-pork eaters?

I know the title of this post is an oxymoron - but I'm driving through the Carolinas this weekend and I know it would be a gastronomic crime not to sample som BBQ while down there.

...the only problem being that I'm Jewish and can't eat pork.

Wondering if anyone knows any good places along the interstate that engage in BBQ heresy by offering decent BBQ-style beef (or non-fried chicken that I can at least put sauce on).

I can stop for lunch in either NC or SC - and I'd prefer to go to either an NC-vinegar-BBQ place or and SC-mustatard-BBQ place (things which are not available where I'm from).

Anyone have thoughts? (Or alternatively - feel free to point and laugh at the silly yankee asking about beef bbq in the South :-)

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  1. I'm pretty sure Bill's BBQ in Wilson, NC has a large buffet with bbq chicken on it, although I can't vouch for how good it is. One problem is that the bbq chicken is usually made with a different, thicker and sweeter sauce than goes on the bbq itself.

    Another option would be Fuller's BBQ in Lumberton, NC. They also have a large buffet, and may (or may not) have bbq chicken on any given day. But they have lots of other southern specialities, including many veggies, that will give you a taste of the region.

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      I think Bill's has been awful since they re-opened after Floyd. The last time I went was ca. 2006-7.

      Also, if the OP has serious metaphysical objections to pork, then they should stay away from the veggies at Bill's, Fuller's, or pretty much any similar place.

      I think I may have a recommendation for you, though. There's a place off 295 in Hopewell, VA called K&L Barbecue. It's basically an eastern NC style barbecue joint, but they have minced beef barbecue sandwiches. I haven't been in four or five years, but went every few months for a few years in the mid-00s and really enjoyed it. Definitely well above average.

      The only hitch is that it's closed all weekend. Good choice if you're passing through during the week, though.

    2. About the only thing I can think of is our neighborhood pig picking this weekend which will feature the soon-to-be-world-famous Pig Pickin' Chicken for those who do not dine on swine. Two problems, though. We're not near 95 and it will be Shabbat.

      In all seriousness, Fuller's in Lumberton has very good food and an amazing selection. The thing about cooking here though, is that many veggies will be prepared with some form of pork. It can be hard to tell by sight alone which they might be.

      1. Thanks all! I had a Facebook friend suggesy the Turkey Barbecue at Gardner Foods in Rocky Mount, NC. So I think that may be my winner (certainly Sounds good).

        Part of me is so curious about the Mustard-based SC barbecue that I'd think about stopping into a Maurice's in South Carolina for Brisket - but I read a lot that they sell a lot of offensive neo-Confederate stuff in those. Granted I buy food from people I disagree with all the time. Debating whether politics trumps gastronomic curiousity...

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        1. re: Lemming2572

          It is more then just selling the stuff, but the place is a shrine to the Confederacy. But the mustard based sauce works well on grilled, smoked, or BBQ chicken and taking a bottle or two home with you might be a good thing.

          1. re: chazzer

            Its not a shrine to the Confederacy, its a shrine to racism. There is a difference. And my understanding is that its been toned down. Theres nothing on the website about that stuff at all. In fact, I don't think Maurice is even involved in the restaurants anymore. His children now run them, I believe.

            1. re: carolinadawg

              I was in Columbia a couple of weeks ago and happened to be driving by both NE locations. Maurice's has noticeably toned down the outside of the buildings. I'm not sure I saw anything confederate flag related.

              No clue what they are like on the inside.

              The one on O'Neil court is basically a drive through if you want to try the food or sauce.

              I ate mustard based BBQ growing up and I don't remember the sauce being used on brisket.

              I don't remember much brisket at all. Most of the local restaurants are buffets and they might not have offered it for cost reasons.

              1. re: castaway

                I know they have Brisket at Maurice's because I googled the menu - not traditional but works in a pinch. That said, half of the Yelp reviews are bad so I might just stay away (that or buy the sauce and keep moving). Thanks for the comments though!

          1. re: lutherben

            A Rabbi was once asked, "will eating pork keep me from entering the olam habah (heaven)?"

            The Rabbi responded - "No - in fact you may get there more quickly".

            1. re: lutherben

              bbqjew is all about eating treif, or as a friend says throw some salt on it and it will be fine.

            2. No pork or fried chicken? Good God, man! Fear not, a lot of BBQ joints offer barbecued chicken.