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Apr 11, 2013 07:41 AM

Tripe Stands of Florence

Headed to Florence for a few days next week - we'll be tied up for most meals (big fancy multi-day wedding) but i really really want some offal for lunch one day.

We're staying fairly close to the train station (Sta Maria Novella) so something on that side of town or between there and the central part of town where i expect well be spending our non-event-filled mornings.

Are any of the stands distinctively better than others? what would a good first-time order be? lampredotto vs trippa? is one more authentically florentine?

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  1. You have a few options here...

    One of them is by the market so I presume close to you?

    There was also a discussion here that basically reinforces some of these picks

    You also got Nerbone in the market which is very popular.

    I havent been to Florence yet but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night ;)

    1. i lived right in front of the Central Market downtown, I enjoy Nerbone inside the market which also has the bollito misto sandwich, but the market closes at 2pm. First place I am going when i get home, is to Beatrice in front of the Central Market, funky odd looking stand-- but historical. adore her sauces too. lampredotto is the traditional sandwhich "tripe" in Florence, but also ask Bea, she usually has several versions available to eat in a small "box" with a fork or a sandwich.

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        Got to Beatrice twice - she was just that nice. Had a box of lampredotto and another of trippa fiorentina. My first visit was when i got the trippa because she had just run out of lampredotto - though she did scrounge around for the last bite out of the bottom of the pot for me when i looked disappointed. I was pretty breaded-out so got both in boxes, but the sandwiches did look good and i could see why sopping up the delicious tomato sauce on the trippa would make for a killer sandwich.

        she was really nice, although would not make me a mixed bos to sample the other options including a guanciale/cheek one. loved that shes so popular with tourists that her chinese is even pretty decent (the group in front of me was even more impressed as it was with them that she was busting out her chinese skills) definitely a great experience.

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            absolutely. it turned out there were very limited eating opportunities outside of the official wedidng events, but luckily for me i got away to see Beatrice, plus ate some truly excellent neopolitan pizza at PizzaGusto across the arno (s side) and the wedding hosts had brought in Alessandro Fraccia of Ino, and i was able to sample some of his creations. it was evident from watching him and his team work the amount of care and preparation they put into their food, id highly recommend a visit to his shop, even though i didnt get there msyelf.

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              Thanks! I have Gusto on the agenda after Piti (or Pitta Palace as someone called it on TA earlier). Hope its better than Don Antonio ;)

              Good to know about 'Ino. I got it on the map as well but now will make a bigger effort to get there

              1. re: tex.s.toast

                That's so great that they got Alessandro in to cater with his sandwiches! Lucky you!!!