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Apr 11, 2013 07:29 AM

Has your cake ever browned on the INSIDE?!


I've been baking for years, but baking in my new gas oven has me stumped and I can't seem to find a solution for it.

I baked a rhubarb upside down cake and while the cake looked beautifully browned on the outside, and the skewer inserted came out clean, when I cut a slice of the cake, the cake was brown on the inside! I've made this cake several times and it's been perfectly white each time. I'm not sure what could have happened.

How can I combat this?

Thank you!

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  1. what's the recipe? is there brown sugar in it?

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    1. Well I'm stumped if you've made the cake exactly the same way every other time and this time it turned brown. odd.

      otherwise I'd also ask what type of sugar you used.

      1. Is it actually dry inside or just brown?

        1. Did you and do you always use rhubarb grown in your garden? If not and you buy rhubarb sold in the market perhaps you used a different variety of rhubarb. There are hundreds of varieties with some having green stems and some having the common red color, others with pink, etc.

          I'm wondering about the color bleeding into the batter causing the brown you see. How does the cake taste?

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          1. re: Gio

            I buy the rhubarb from the farmers market, so I don't think that should be an issue. I think I'm going to try another brand of baking powder.

            The cake tastes good. It's moist inside and everything, but it's just not pretty enough to eat.

            1. re: confusedbaker

              That cake looks fine to me. What's "not pretty enough to eat" about it? So it's not white. big deal.

          2. I busted out laughing due to your title. I frequently search tumblr for "baking fail", it's a fun subject very close to my heart.

            Anyway as others have mentioned, the texture matters more. If the texture is fine then it was probably a chemical reaction in your ingredients. It's still a pretty cake, how's the taste and texture?

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            1. re: youareabunny

              Hilarious, right? Nobody's done this before so I'm pretty chuffed that anyone who Googles this from this point on will land up on this thread. Ha!

              Texture is great - moist and delicious. Just not pretty enough to eat, so I'm sharing it with the pigeons. I'm going to try it again with a different baking powder.

                1. re: confusedbaker

                  It's still pretty enough to go in my belly! Just gift it to someone who doesn't know that it's not supposed to be brown. Although I understand... can't get myself to eat green eggs or drink green beer (unless I've already had several normal-colored beers) on St. Patty's Day. Just doesn't seem right!