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Apr 11, 2013 06:47 AM

Wine regions may lose up to 73% of land by 2050

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  1. Hi, Zin:

    This is all the American researchers had to say about N. America?

    "In North America, areas due to become more suitable for wine growing include existing national parks such as Yellowstone, or Yukon Territory in Canada..."

    Who woulda thunk it: Yellowstone AVA?

    Do you have a cite to the study itself?


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      1. re: maria lorraine

        Thank you, Maria. 4.9 million ha and 231% increases for western northern North America sound pretty good to me. I'm not sure why Yellowstone is considered "nearby" the Columbia River basin, though.


          1. re: zin1953

            I'll have one or both feet in the grave in 2050, but seriously doubt we'll see such predicted decrease in vineyard area in California. There are multiple levels of reaching in the study that allow them to predict as much, including strict adherance to suitability. Personally I think there are all sorts of viticultural and winemaking practices that will make growing viable even IF temperature increases at the amount predicted. Think about it. We've had some seriously hot occasional seasons without major disasters to the vintages.

            1. re: john gonzales


              I am not investing in any Bdx. en premiere wines, and no recent Vintage Ports. I will just not be around to fully enjoy.

              Such is life, near the end.


      2. By 2050, I'll lose 100% of my life.

        1. But.............. those guys at Fox News keep insisting there's no such thing as climate change!!!! ;o[]

          1. As I will be long gone, I feel that it's a problem for another generation.

            I wish them luck,