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Apr 11, 2013 05:20 AM

Miele Wall Oven

We need to replace an ancient wall oven in our home which finally kicked it's last. Because it's so old, the cabinetry we need to install in is reasonably narrow, so we're limited to a maxium 27" width wall oven, which unfortunately rules out my preferred option, Wolf. After an enormous amount of surfing, I settled on Miele, with the CombiSteam oven uptop, and the single electric MasterChef oven below. BUT, now I'm all set on it, the appliance guys in our area (Catskill Mountains) tell me they are impossible to get parts for, should they break down. Has anyone had an issue like this? He's recommending KitchenAid as an alternative, but I have zero experience there and would also welcome comments on that as well

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  1. Impossible to get parts for? No - that's an exaggeration.

    I've had service on other Miele appliances and parts were always easy to obtain; the Miele service teams drive around in vans that are pre-stocked before they do the service call.

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      Ditto. Have had excellent service from Miele, both in scheduling appointments and the service calls themselves.

    2. That's a relief to hear. I spoke to the Miele service people and they were incredibly nice and seemed shocked at the idea of parts not being available. But so much misinformation its made me crazy! thanks to both of u

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        Miele has been fairly well established in the US for decades. In addition, they sell pretty well (for high-end products). That translates to a pretty good repair infrastructure here.

      2. Sorry to say but it sounds like self serving hogadocious crap.

        Four Miele appliances, zero problems with any of them. Service center is located 30 miles away.

        We had them do the installation because professional baker spouse wanted the wall ovens checked and calibrated. Service center called a week in advance to confirm our appointment, then reconfirmed 24 hours ahead of arrival. On time, very polite, very informative about their services, reassuring about their experiences with the Miele brand. Overall a white glove experience.