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Apr 11, 2013 04:58 AM

The chef of The Admiral (of Asheville) coming to Raleigh

Last night my BF and I were enjoying the lovely evening walking around Pilot Mill Village and walking past the space where The Market was on Blount Street.

There was some light construction & possible beer drinking going on inside, so we poked our heads in and chatted up the folks inside about the renovations.

I am super excited that report that Drew (Andrew) who was either 'the' or 'a' chef at The Admiral in Asheville is opening up his space in Raleigh with a target date of June 1st. He was super nice and hospitable and seemed very excited about his new concept. If he is bringing the prestige and quality of the Admiral to Raleigh, I'll be there often. Keep it on your radars for an early June opening at 938 N Blount St Raleigh, NC 27604.

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  1. We attended a Blind Pig dinner last Sunday and he was the chef - I think he said it was going to be called The Stanbury? Or something like that? He was adorable!

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      For some crazy reason, I didn't ask him the name and thought about that as we were walking away. DUH!

      But -- you are SO right! He was very engaging and adorable!

    2. I think you mean Drew Maykuth, who was number two man under Elliot Moss at Admiral.

      1. It will be called Stanbury and will open June 15th.


          Includes news about his new place The Stansbury with a facebook link to a photo of possible menu.