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The chef of The Admiral (of Asheville) coming to Raleigh

Last night my BF and I were enjoying the lovely evening walking around Pilot Mill Village and walking past the space where The Market was on Blount Street.

There was some light construction & possible beer drinking going on inside, so we poked our heads in and chatted up the folks inside about the renovations.

I am super excited that report that Drew (Andrew) who was either 'the' or 'a' chef at The Admiral in Asheville is opening up his space in Raleigh with a target date of June 1st. He was super nice and hospitable and seemed very excited about his new concept. If he is bringing the prestige and quality of the Admiral to Raleigh, I'll be there often. Keep it on your radars for an early June opening at 938 N Blount St Raleigh, NC 27604.

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  1. We attended a Blind Pig dinner last Sunday and he was the chef - I think he said it was going to be called The Stanbury? Or something like that? He was adorable!

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      For some crazy reason, I didn't ask him the name and thought about that as we were walking away. DUH!

      But -- you are SO right! He was very engaging and adorable!

    2. I think you mean Drew Maykuth, who was number two man under Elliot Moss at Admiral.

      1. It will be called Stanbury and will open June 15th.

        1. http://dtraleigh.com/2013/07/summer-2...

          Includes news about his new place The Stansbury with a facebook link to a photo of possible menu.

            1. Alrighty Raleighites. Once I get my finances back in order and this place opens (and I am hoping they will be doing lunch), I am going to be looking for a dining companion or 5 to meet up for lunch one day while Lulu is in school. So if anyone is up for a lunch meet up (again, assuming they serve lunch) keep me in mind please!

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                  Fantastic! Now we just need them to open and to serve lunch!

                  Hmmm, just googled the place and the hours google is giving (and trust me, I've had google hours be wrong before) are all dinner hours. I'll keep an eye on it.

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                      This could be a great lunch. Given the Greg Cox article, where the owners say they want a place where people can either drop in for a beer or come by for a great meal, it sort of doesn't make sense that it would only be open for dinner. Also seems (and I don't really know Raleigh at all) from what I read that it is downtown near foot traffic, so you'd think they'd want to take advantage of that during the day.

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                        Actually, they're in a largely residential neighborhood and have a very tiny parking lot. Parking should be easier during the day as opposed to dinner time. The parking situation will pose a challenge for them, although Market seemed to have managed just fine.

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                          Ah, thanks for clearing that up. The newspaper piece made it sound as if it was downtown (which I just assumed was heavily foot-trafficked).

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                            I'm game too!

                            LLM - they are just a hop, skip and a jump north of downtown, near Seaboard shopping area and Peace College and a few blocks from Pie Bird if that helps with visualizing the area.

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                      I'll drive by today/ this weekend and try to figure out what their deal is for sure. I'm definitely in for going out with you! It is a hop,skip & a jump from my good friend's house, so I'll also ask LB if he has noticed any day-time traffic in addition to what I can ferret out on my own.

                      Has anyone been to the Yellow Dog Bakery yet?

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                        Thanks Tehama! This is going to be a great time, if we can work it out.

                    3. re: LulusMom

                      I would definitely go but.. well I can't get away for that long unless it were a weekend and lets not forget this place isn't that big.

                    4. Hi all! We went to The Stanbury last night; only it's 3rd official night opened.

                      We didn't get there until 8:30 and it was nearly packed. Totally hip vibe, with an open garage door accessing the outdoor seating. A combination of large and small plates (more selection on the small plate menu), with - * I think * - only beer and wine for now. Also, no dessert on the menu yet.

                      We had smoked salmon crudo, a croquette of pork hash, red drum, and steak tartar from the small plate menu. My BF got the sliced sirloin. The sirloin had a little chimchurri action going on, and the salmon crudo has all interesting edible accessories sprinkled over the plate.

                      No lunch hours as of yet, and I think the waiter told me they are currently serving dinner Tuesday - Saturday with later hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

                      I believe our total bill for the sirloin large plate and 4 small plates, plus 2 beers and a glass of Presecco was around $81

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                        Thanks so much for the investigating and reporting. How was everything? I like that right now there is a *yet* about the lunch hours - leaves open the possibility.

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                          Oh, I will say there was a total of 4 of us dining and that the "small" plates had a fairly large portion of food on them (in fact, I did not finish my croquette), except for the smoked salmon crudo which was maybe about 6 slices of salmon (of course I could eat my weight in smoked salmon, so that was not too much to me).

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                              haha - sorry! Good point! I loved everything I tasted (didn't try my friends' red drum or steak tartar, but they very much enjoyed them). My pork hash croquette was delicious; the salmon crudo was excellent and BF's steak with the chimmichuri was great. He said his steak had a bit more fat on it than he would have liked, but the piece he gave me couldn't have been much better. BF is ubër picky about restaurants and food quality and he almost no critique, so I took that as high marks.

                        2. 2nd photo (I cannot seem to upload them all into one message)

                          1. 3rd photo (I cannot seem to upload them all into one message)

                            1. 4th photo (I cannot seem to upload them all into one message)

                              1. 5th photo (I cannot seem to upload them all into one message)

                                1. Had a wonderful meal with my wife tonight. She's been sick of me thinking about Captain J's and Wang's Kitchen all the time and she demanded a differernt/new restaurant so... trip to Stanbury!

                                  It was packed and quite noisy with the music and chattering from diners/drinkers. There was no hostess and practically no light. We waited for a while and were able to find couple of stools at the corner of the bar.

                                  I had the corn bisque with yogurt and shiitake. Soup was very rIch, creamy and sweet (overly). My wife wanted to get the blue crab crostini but they ran out...

                                  For the entree she had the tagliatelle and I had the duck breast with collards and pinto beans. Her pasta were hand made and flavorful. The cherry tomatoes tasted great and the sauce was not overly garlicky. My dish was good! The duck breast were nicely charred and the vegs had a nice balance flavor of sweet, sour and saltiness.

                                  For dessert we had the chocolate pot de creme with white chocolate whipped cream. Rich but meh.

                                  I would certainly not recommend doing a chow meet on a Friday night but a week night/day might be possible.

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                                    Holy cow that looks good. Especially the soup. we NEED to make them open for lunch so that the ladies (and gents) who lunch can get there before the kids get out of school for the day.

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                                      Glad we can count on you for photos :-) The bisque I imagine is very seasonal and since I have heard that the corn crop this year was a little damaged it might not be there too long. It all sounds good and a welcome addition to Raleigh and the Triangle.