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Apr 11, 2013 04:15 AM

Sharing my meal Itinerary :) Other recommendations?

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to Japan next week, i'm going to share my meal itinerary here. I mainly got the restaurants from articles, blogs, and recommendations here. If there's something you think I should stay away, please tell. :)

DAY 1: Asakusa - Okachimachi - Ginza - Yurakucho
RAMEN Lunch: Ippudo Ramen, Okachimachi
YAKITORI Dinner: Yurakucho Tokyo, Yakitory Alley, Yurakucho

DAY 2: Nihombashi - Akibahara - Shimbashi
Lunch: Bento (c/o Tokyo Great Cycling Tour) :) Anyone here joined this?
YAKINIKU Dinner: Maruni, Shimbashi

DAY 3: Shinjuku - Shibuya - Meguro
UNAGI Lunch: Noboritei, Shinjuku
TONKATSU Dinner: Tonki, Meguro

DAY 4: Tsukiji - Akasaka - Harajuku - Shibuya
SUSHI Breakfast: Sushi Dai, Tsukiji
KOBE BEEF Lunch: 511 Kobe Beef Kaiseki, Akasaka
TEMPURA Dinner: Tempura Tendon Tenya, Shibuya

DAY 5: Mt. Fuji - Roponggi
Lunch: Bento (c/o Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi Tour)
TSUKEMEN Dinner: Tetsu Tsukemen, Roponggi
Snack: Gonpanchi, Roponggi (to try the Camembert Cheese & Avocado Tempura)

I'm open for suggestions but preferably within the same price range. :)

1. I would like to try good beef but only have a limited budget, ¥3800 would probably be the max, so I chose 511. Is this a good choice?
2. Do you think I should go ahead and break my budget for unagi and go with either Izuei Honten/Nodaiwa/Obana?
3. I read that Maruni serves Wagyu steak, has anyone tried this? :)
4. I chose Tonki just because of the open kitchen.

Any other suggestions for a better lunch/dinner? Thank you! :)

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  1. Hey, great job doing research and putting this together. I can see you really considered your sightseeing itinerary and kept in mind location.

    Here are just a few thoughts:

    -I've eaten at a few of the yakitori places in Yurakucho before. First, I would say that they are really about going with friends and having a few beers. Second, they are loud and generally smokey and uncomfortable. So you have to consider if you want to spend your first night in that kind of setting. And third, they aren't really great or anything foodwise, although they can be alright- though, I'm not sure of places with English menus.

    -My basic advice to people visiting Tokyo is to do noodles and tonkatsu for lunch rather than dinner. And the simple reason is that the meal will last about 15 minutes and then your are left to do...what from 7:30pm or so?...So I would work Tonki into a lunch and maybe save Tetsu for a late evening snack or do it or another ramen place for one of the other lunches.

    -Skip Gonpachi. Little more research and you can find something more interesting in Nishi-Azabu, Aoyama, Roppongi, or Nogizaka areas.

    -Tenya in Shibuya...Hmm. Is this a specific independent shop you are talking about or a branch of the tempura fast food chain? If it is the later, that's another one I would move to a lunch as a meal there- which I confess to crave rather regularly when I'm out of Japan- is 15 minutes max.

    -I wouldn't break your budget for unagi because unless you are willing to shell out and reserve in advance wild caught unagi, you can probably dial down to a more pedestrian choice rather than one of those historical inflated places.

    -I don't know much about beef options. I think though that your itinerary could use a few izakaya or small plate restaurants- especially ones that focus on seafood or seasonal specialties. Or maybe try a regional cuisine restaurant like Kyushu, Okinawa, etc. I mean, ramen and tonkatsu and tempura aren't really taking advantage of the strengths of Tokyo's dining scene.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      Tonki is not open for lunch. And if you catch the crowd, you can be in there for a couple of hours...

      1. re: Silverjay

        Hi Silverjay, I can't believe I forgot about the regional cuisines, thank you for reminding me that! Thanks for your tips and thoughts, they are definitely helpful. :)

        1. re: Silverjay

          I'm now looking for a restaurant with seasonal specialties as advised by Silverjay. Can anyone recommend a restaurant/dish with a ¥3800 budget for dinner? :)

          1. re: twinklestarph

            Type "izakaya" or "seafood" and a location in Tokyo into the search bar. Set the parameters for up to 5 years.

        2. I personally don't think the food at Sushi Dai is worth the wait. There are so many other places in Tsukiji that are as good with no or little wait. For example, Uogashi Senryo in the outer market (Tsukiji 4-10-14) is delicious. They are well-known for kaisen hitsumabushi, but their nigiri is great too. I've been there when they open at 9 AM and was seated immediately. I would even rather go to the Tsukiji branch of Sushi Zanmai than wait 2 hours in line at Dai.

          You might want to consider a visit to Koenji if you've never been, its only about 20 minutes from Shinjuku and it is one of my favorite areas to visit and relax. Lots of funky 2nd hand shops, record shops, etc, and some good eats in that area too. Very vibrant and young scene. For example Dachibin (Koenji-Kita 3-2-13) is good for Okinawan food and Kushibeh (Koenji-Minami 4-6-1) for yakitori.

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          1. re: od_sf

            Thanks for your reply! I already came home last Sunday but I really appreciate your comment! I'm sure this will still be useful to the readers here in Chowhound and i'll definitely be taking note of this if ever I come back.

            I haven't heard about Koenji but a quick google search of that place and that's definitely my type of area. I'm always fond of 2nd hand shops and vintage stores, hopefully i'll have a second chance to check this out.

            For Sushi Dai, I got there at 5:30am on a weekday and still waited for an hour. I kind of agree, around 80% of those who were in line were tourists, so I felt that it wasn't the go-to sushi place of the locals. Don't get me wrong, the food was incredible, but I felt that other stores there could be equally as great. Thanks for your input on this. :)

          2. Hi Twinklestarph,

            I'm trying to put together my own meal plan for Tokyo & am wondering what you thought of 511 Kobe Beef? Or if you found another good lower-priced kobe restaurant?