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Apr 10, 2013 10:42 PM

Lottie's Creamery in Walnut Creek

Some info about Lottie's Creamery opening a couple months ago in Walnut Creek landed in my inbox not too long ago. I'm liking what I've read so far --- Ici alum, kickstarter funded, pasteurizing onsite (i.e., not using ice cream base), grand opening April 23.

Who's tried it to share a first tongue experience?

Lottie's Creamery
1414 N Main St,
Walnut Creek, CA
(925) 472-0723

Kickstarter Love: Lottie's Creamery

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  1. I have been several times. I am very impressed with the quality of the ice cream, the amazingly crispy and delicious cones, the various seasonal flavors they come up with and the thoughtful design / cute space. They have flavors that are both very straightforward and kid friendly, and also flavors that are quite sophisticated.

    I was hoping someone would start a thread - I didn't as I thought it was inappropriate - I am a kickstarter backer and friend of one of the owners.

    I look forward to future reports from tasters!

    1. I went a week or two ago and tried a bunch of their flavors. I liked it, and will definitely be back. I'm a HUGE fan of Ici so naturally I was comparing everything to Ici. Here's how Lottie's stacks up:

      1) Cones are tasty, but not as good as Ici. Still, that makes them the 2nd best cones I've had. No chocolate nugget in the bottom like Ici though, which is tasty but also functional since it prevents drips.

      2) Flavors: good variety like Ici, and they use seasonal and local products in their flavors. They also offer a vegan/non-dairy flavor.

      3) Quantity: the scoops are much bigger than Ici

      4) Ambiance: cute interior with some benches to sit and eat your cone. Friendly service.

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      1. re: Estella H.

        Glad I asked, seeing the mostly enthusiastic replies.

        Too bad about the cone structure. The chocolate plug in the cones is my favorite thing about Ici.

      2. I went to Lottie's during its soft opening and I'm so glad I's delicious! I even broke my "no carb" rule that day and it was totally worth it. Now I see their flavors every day and wish I worked in Walnut Creek. Oh, I'll be back!

        1. tried lottie's a month ago, found flavors to be natural, minimalist, not sugared up, not a lot of flavor, fresh...

          maybe it was just my choice of samplings. neither pro nor na on lottie's. .

          1. I'll be Walnut Creek this weekend. How is the parking near Lottie's?

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            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              Not that great, honestly. There's some street parking if you're lucky. Otherwise you might be better off parking in some of the lots around downtown Walnut Creek.

              1. re: Estella H.

                There's metered parking at the side and back of Lottie's - there were a decent amount on a weekend afternoon. I found Lottie's to be good quality - and definitely the only ice cream store like it in the area - but the selections weren't particularly innovative. I'd say if you are in the area it's definitely an enjoyable stop, but I wouldn't head to Walnut Creek for the sole purpose of trying it.