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Costco coming to upstate NY

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Just heard from DH that Costco is coming to the upstate area. One I believe in the Syracuse area and I think another, more Northeast. I remember wishing there would be on in Albany. Sometimes BJ's doesn't cut it.

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  1. The one in the Syracuse area (Camillus) is scheduled to open in November. The reports in the Albany Times Union have said that they are still looking for a location in the Albany area. So we in Albany may have a year or two to wait.

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      Would love a costco in Albany I live in ulster county and work for costco in Hackensack nj a 2 hr. Commute one way

      1. re: N231rtv

        That's one heck of a commute. But at least you get to spend your days in a Costco, unlike the rest of us who never get to set foot in one.

    2. I've driven past the site of the under-construction site in Rochester (Henrietta). The last time I looked they were grading the site and doing the hook-up to municipal water and sewage. I'm not sure of the target opening date.