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Apr 10, 2013 09:20 PM

How to Get Your Groceries in Baja in Style

We drove down to Punta Piedras for gas at the Pemex (the nearest station south after Primo Tapia/Cantamar).

While waiting for our fill up to be completed, I noticed a nice looking young woman waiting near the entrance, sitting on a beautiful Buckskin (horse, that is).

A young man came out of the OXXO store carrying two heavy looking bags. He adjusted the saddle girths (English, not Western).

He handed the bags to the young woman and then swung himself up behind her with a swift and easy, off-the-ground move.

They trotted off up north towards La Fonda. We spotted them on the ocean side of the residential area when we passed them while heading back home.

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  1. They may have been from All the Pretty Horses, a horse rescue that does horseback-and-wine tours out of Primo Tapia. Run by a gringo couple.

      1. two heavy bags from Oxxo will be four 6 packs of Modelo and some chicharons. Ha!

        1. Yep, chances are they were Crystal and her Husband Randy from Pretty Horses horse ranch and rescue. Great folk...highly recommend a ride with them. Robin, the wine lady across the way recommended La Fonda and it was a great meal too.