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Apr 10, 2013 09:11 PM

Eggies? Useful? Reviews please.

I'm intrigued by Eggies.

Seems like I could concoct something approaching molecular gastronomy if I had a set.

Anyone have some that they love?
Tried and then stopped using?
Received as a "foodie" gift, got offended, but have used?

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  1. "something approaching molecular gastronomy "

    what are you envisioning, Kris?

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    1. re: seamunky

      Step 1-- add egg white, 1/3 of container; microwave until just "jelled."
      Step 2-- add whatever weird middle I desire, preferably of a golden hue; m'wave slightly if necessary
      Step 3 -- top off with egg white; boil like a regular HB egg until a bit past jelled.

      Open. Slice. Marvel at my wonderful creation.
      ~or~ more probably~
      Open. Slice. Marvel at my concoction in wonder.

      If the using-actual-eggs worked to some extent, I'd move into other things.
      What can be "set" by being in a container inside boiling water?
      Ground turkey with sausage seasonings, make the middle an actual egg yolk.
      Mashed potatoes, centre gravy.
      Grated and pressed Cauliflower, cheesey middle.

      I'm still pondering...

      1. re: Kris in Beijing

        I see. Those are some fun and creative ideas.

        There's a whole realm of sweets you can do also. A panna cotta egg white. A round ball of mango sorbet inside. Serve at cool temperature so when you cut into the egg, the "yolk" oozes out as a mango sauce.

        1. re: seamunky

          Sounds like a Chinese New Year standard... somewhat like a mocchii.
          I loved the sesame paste one-- almost like an Oriental interpretation of a Reece's Cup.

    2. My wife only does egg whites and bought these so she could make hard boiled egg whites (using cartons of egg white rather than whole eggs). They work fine, but it's a fairly fussy fix for a simple hard boiled egg.

      1. Three of our writers at the Akron Beacon Journal did a test on Eggies as part of their "Does It Work" series:

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        1. re: barefootgirl

          I agree with the review posted. They are way more trouble than they are worth. My husband is the gadget king. If it is new and interesting, he wants it and he does not care in the least if a product is only good for one thing.

          After trying it out three tomes (just to make sure it wasnt learning issue) he threw our set away. It was way too much work and the end product really was no better than a hard boiled egg in its natural shell.

        2. These have been around for a long long long time. They are egg coddlers and generally made of porcelain. I have some from Royal Worcester. Many of the china manufacturers made them. Some matched china patterns some were plain. E-Bay has a number of them, mainly from Worcester. The are quite reasonably priced.

          Some of them could hold 2 or more eggs. The idea was that you buttered the inside of the coddler, if you wanted to add herbs or other things like bits of ham did it then. Break the egg into the jar, screw on top and lower into boiling water and cook to the firmness you desire, soft, med, or hard cooked.

          That commercial is silly. Actually I find any ad like that ridiculous, stressing how difficult it is to cook an egg. Go to E-Bay and get some that are attractive. They are quite reasonably priced.

          1. My sister bought Eggies at the dollar store thinking it would be useful for deviled eggs. She has chickens and she finds really fresh eggs are hard to peel. So we tried the thing and it worked ok, although we mangled some eggs trying to ease them out of the container. The main problem was that one end of the egg is open, so you can see the yolk. That's just how it works; we didn't do anything wrong that I know of. So for deviled eggs it was a bust. Cutting the egg in half does not yield two stuffable egg halves.