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Apr 10, 2013 08:55 PM

Has anyone tried Chick-a-Licious Korean Fried Chicken?

While walking to the local Wal-green on 11th street, I have recently noticed a new Fried Chicken Spot on 138 S 11st that claims to serve Korean Fried Wings on their windows. It seems to be an all chicken spot. Has anyone tried them and how is it? I am considering trying them out and just want to know if any of the chowhounders likes it.

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  1. Not yet. The menu looks to be half korean fried chicken and half american wing joint:

    1. I tried the fried chicken. Really good crunch but the soy garlic sauce was way too sweet for me. Other sauce choices didn't appeal much. Worth a try, definitely.

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        Barry can you compare it to FedNuts or Cafe Soho?

        1. re: cwdonald

          Have not been to Cafe Solo and have only had the dry chicken at FedNuts. Crunch at Chick-a-Licious is as good or better than FedNuts for sure, and I actually preferred the chicken itself at Chick-a-Licious; even though the breast pieces were a little drier, I am not a big fan of the chicken at FedNuts as it tastes overly briney and has a gamey texture to me (I realize this is a minority opinion). But the sauce at Chick-a-Licious was so one dimensional and overly sweet (think crappy Chinese takeout general tso's, minus the red pepper) that I am sure that FedNuts wins in that category, based on the dry spices and donut spices I have had there. Even the hot sauce they gave me on the side was not so good; it had heat but no real flavor otherwise. I added vinegar based hot sauce to my leftovers when I heated them up and it helped a lot.

          I also wasn't wowed with the Korean Fried Chicken at Meritage when I tried it a couple years ago. I'm beginning to think it's just not for me... if I'm getting frou-frou fast food chicken I actually prefer the roasted chicken from Rotisseur over all the KFC I have tried.

          1. re: barryg

            barry - please don't use meritage's version to gauge your interest in KFC. i've had it before also and it is nowhere near as good as cafe soho. in fact, i'd say that meritage's version was pretty terrible (i find that meritage has a lot of good ideas in theory, but they are usually poorly executed)

      2. Michael Klein just gave it a great review:

        And FYI, it is Cafe Soho, not Solo. I haven't tried Chickalicious, but I would rate Soho much better than FedNuts (for the chicken). Cafe Soho is much crispier, and I agree w/barryg about the overly briney flavor of the meat at FedNuts.

        1. After reading Michael Klein's spectacular review, I decided to try and ordered the 10 crispy wings with Hot & Spicy and Sweet Chili with a side of sweet corn. The Chicken were amazingly crispy even after 40 minutes. The Hot and Spicy got a pretty good kick and flavor. The sweet chili was sweet as its name said and wasn't too spicy and got a little bit of garlic aftertaste. I liked both of the sauces and I would say the Chicken is definitely comparable to Café Soho's. Also, both of their chicken aren't greasy at all. The only setback would be the side. They serve sweet corn cold which is little bit weird since most places serves them warm. But, I would definitely return for the wings and try the drumsticks next time.