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Apr 10, 2013 06:22 PM

Tasty Vegan Or Vegan Friendly Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Hi all! I am in search of a vegan or vegan friendly restaurant for a special occasion. Any suggestions fellow foodies?

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  1. I highly recommend Take Root in Carroll Gardens/Cobble HIll. They may regularly have vegan items on their menu (definitely vegetarian), and I believe the website says they can accommodate special diets with 48 hours notice. I am vegetarian and have had a coule of stellar meals there. They do a delicious tasting menu on Friday and Saturday evenings, dinners during the week and brunch on Saturday mornings. The place is tiny, though, so call and reserve if you can.

    1. V-Spot - vegan, some things are really good and some not so good - their wraps are good (I love the jerk "chicken" wrap), salads, I've heard the burger is really good - but I have not liked some of their main dishes so much. S'Nice- good place for veg or vegan wraps and salads. Everything I have had there has been very tasty and fresh. These are both casual places.

      1. Depending on what you mean by "special", Wild Ginger is a little more formal in ambience than most of the other Brooklyn vegan places (v-spot, sun in bloom, MOB), which are all tasty, but casual. The vegan diner in Williamsburg is great, but it is a diner, so maybe not what you are looking for.
        BTW, I am not even vegetarian, but recently hosted a vegan/gluten free friend from out of town, so made the rounds with her.