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Apr 10, 2013 05:38 PM

raritan expo center lunch or dinner

hi, going to that gem, mineral fossil, jewelry thing this weekend, looking for recs for lunch/dinner, something casual but good food, don't know the area at all. thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Simple - Harold's Deli. It's right there. Good luck.

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      +1 on Harold's. I know there are a lot of strong and mixed opinions on the place, but I have driven a half hour just to eat there. In case you are not aware though, order a lot less food than you think you need as even the "small" sandwiches are really large and a single triple decker potato pancake and meat platter can feed 6-8.

      1. re: bgut1

        It's not really "right there."

        1. re: Sdenred

          Last I checked, Harold's was located adjacent to the Edison Hotel on the corner of Woodbridge Ave and Raritan Center Parkway IN Raritan Center proper. While it is not located IN the expo center itself, I thought that since BOTH are in Raritan Center, saying the Deli was "right there" was more than appropriate. My bad if I wasn't specific enough.

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            If your husband is good at finding his way you might want to venture out a little bit for good food. Wonder Seafood in Edison has really good Chinese food. If you are going for lunch you can order from their dim sum rolling carts. I suggest you get there for an early lunch, as quality and quantity diminish after about 1maybe 1:30. Dinner is always good and the manager Tom has always been really helpful telliing us what is good that day. We travel about 45 minutes to go their and for us it is worth the trip! I hope you enjoy the expo and your meal!

            1. re: EL7

              Wonder Seafood, China Bowl or Sichwan Spring on Route 27 in Edison are good Chinese choices.

        2. re: bgut1

          Can't go wrong with Harold's - just watch your portions!

        3. My niece had a gymnastics event there a while back. As mentioned, Harold's Deli is right there. That wasn't really an option for us. Even with GPS, the area is very tricky and it's easy to miss a turn and end up on the wrong highway if you're not familiar with the area. Do you plan to return to the expo center after eating, or will you be heading out and in which direction?

          1. It's a short ride away....consider Planet Chicken in Dunellen. A great and inexpensive family meal.

            1. I was going to say Harolds also which is good and a solid choice, but you know the pastrami gurus on here have their opinions. But Highland Park and New Brunswick is only about 10 minutes away up 514. And Edison is right there too. You didn't mention where you were coming from which might determine which way you would want to eat at. And also what type of food.

              1. The Skylark Diner is a good option in the area.

                17 Wooding Ave Edison, NJ 08817