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Apr 10, 2013 05:07 PM

Sprouting onions

Obviously if it's mushy and/or has spots, it's bad. But I've heard mixed reviews on when it's sprouting. Can I cut around the sprout and eat the onion itself? I've also heard you can eat the sprout. If so, what is the taste and recommended use? Also, anyone have experience with planting a sprouting onion? Thanks!

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  1. My mom often used sprouted onions when we were young. There wasn't a ton of extra money so she was pretty frugal and bought in bulk. Anyway, so the onions are safe but didn't seem to me to have much flavor. I'm assuming because the onion was focused on growing the sprout...if onions focus, that is. You could probably plant it but I don't have any experience with that. Oh, and I've eaten the sprout. Kind of tastes like a spring onion.

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      I agree with Hobbert that the onion is usually not that useful, but the sprouts are very tasty. Sometimes we leave a couple of onions to sprout just to use the sprouts.

    2. Yes, you can still eat it. I would use it in a cooked application, as opposed to raw where you want a strong onion flavor.

      1. I definitely eat the onion, and usually chop up the sprout along with it.

        Mind you, I also cut around mushy spots - I usually use those for cooking rather than raw, I don't throw the whole thing out.

        1. Onions are biannual, meaning that in the second year of growth, it will flower and go to seed, then die. If you plant the sprouted onion, it will be the second year of growth and will go to seed.