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Berkeley beer & food truck garden

Berkeleyside reports there's a trailer- / truck-based project a la the one in Hayes Valley in the works at Gilman and Curtis:


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  1. I'm glad a building won't be going up there and that the Lasagna family's still involved -- they go way back. Having roti roti a three minute walk away might be a bit of a temptation for me, but overall it's good news.

    1. The first truck has shown up -- Desi Dogs from Brazil Cafe. There's still a lot of work to be done, though. They're setting up tables with overturned buckets for chairs, I assume just to get a sense of spacing.

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        Yup they are definitely working out spacing and probably traffic flow. They got the plans approved and looks like they are aiming for a late July opening. Should be a nice summer outdoor dining option.


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            Does anyone have any further news?

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              There's been no progress at all, as far as I can tell. They missed summer. It may not be happening. Anyone else know anything?

      2. The pending liquor license application says Brazil Cafe. The city approved a use permit. The architect's site says nothing about food trucks.




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          that project on the DSA site is for the end of the bike path across Curtis St from the biergarden location.

        2. The signs are gone. Anyone know anything?

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            Maybe they're waiting for the liquor license?

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              There seem to be a series of high wooden posts on the Gilman side. License still shows as pending. http://abc.ca.gov/datport/LQSData.asp...

              1. Lots of construction going on -- finally!

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                  They had a sign up last time I drove by.

                2. Westbrae Biergarten is supposed to open in May. Roli Roti will be another regular.


                  1. Official opening June 12, but "soft" opening is in progress.


                    I drove by there yesterday, and it looks just about complete, with furniture installed.

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                    1. I stopped by this afternoon. Lunches only on weekends until June 12 or so. They don't have a schedule for trucks other than Brazil Cafe for now, but more should be coming soon.

                      1. The "soft" opening has been hugely popular. Every time I drive by the place has been crowded. Saturday lunch had nearly every table and chair taken.

                        There are tables, but also clusters of Adirondack chairs for lounging. Propane heaters for cold evenings.

                        The Brazil Cafe tri-tip was as good as ever, if a little overpriced. According to the website, RoliRoti should be there Thursdays through Sundays.

                        Lots of photos in a Google image search on Westbrae Biergarten.

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                          Do you know what time of day RoliRoti will be there? I didn't see the info on the website. When I passed by Sunday noonish they weren't there. Lots of people having an early beer, though.

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                            I think this week will be the first for RoliRoti. I don't know the hours, but I hope they're there for lunch.