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Apr 10, 2013 03:23 PM

Reality restaurant shows

Anyone, do the current spat of restaurant reality shows such as "Restaurant Impossible , Restaurant Stakeout, Mystery Diner, Bar Rescue, etc. have any effect on your tolerance to the restaurant experience?

Myself, I see employees fraternizing or unprofessional waiters or just someone that is not interested in being an employee, I am out that place,It seems that the failing restaurants all have the same pathology, snarky wait staff means bad management, which means a filthy kitchen or at least that is what I see on TV.

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  1. Good point. As an amateur expert viewer of these restaurant shows with my completely objective (read amateur) opinions, I notice cleanliness and service a little more critically. After college, I almost took a job as a public health inspector of restaurants. The interviewer told me I'd likely never eat in 90% of restaurants again. Ugh. Watching these shows, I'm more wary of sanitation, especially ice machines, chicken, and seafood. Be careful of restaurants which don't have a lot of turnover in food.

    I'm very thankful that LA County mandates the public display of their health grade on restaurants.