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Oct 24, 2001 09:46 PM

Dallas- Urgent/Near Highland Village or Adams M.

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Looking for something good that will take reservations. Moderate price please. If all else fails will head for Mi Cocina or Patrizios.

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    1. re: MidtownCoog

      Unfortunately, they're both nothing outstanding but a lot of Dallas people like them and they offer a nice meal.

      What about Ciudad Mexico, a Mexico City style restaurant, down Preston a mile or two south of Highland Park VIllage, in Turtle Creek Village? That is a very good restaurant, and unique.

      1. re: Ben

        Hey, Ben, is there any chance I can talk you into using a more distinctive name than "Ben"? We have a lot of posters here, and it will be difficult for people to remember you and your posts if you keep using Ben. You can add a last name or just make up something creative. Thanks!

    2. I think Cafe Pacific in Highland Park Village is excellent. Near the Adams Mark Downtown is a fairly new French Bistro-Jeroboam. Neat decor, hopping bar and good food, pretty reasonably priced.

      1. It's Highland Park Village (I live in HP). Another area with several good restaurants is the Knox/Henderson area. It's easily accessible from downtown or from HP village. From downtown Dallas, you travel north on I-75 (Central Expwy) & take the Knox Henderson (turn left -- Knox is on the west side of hwy) and you'll find a three block stretch with variety of good restaurants to choose from.
        -- Adelmo's ; small & cozy, priced moderate to expensive with a eclectic European menu (a little Italian, a bit French). Quiet & low-key ambiance.
        -- Javier's ; upscale Mexican
        -- La Duni Latin Cafe ; they just opened up a few months ago and got a FAB review in weekly paper. Tried to go there shortly thereafter & place was packed. I think things have quieted down, but still haven't yet had opportunity to get here. Offers selections from several Latin American cuisines (Cuban/Mexican/South American)
        -- Ziziki's ; Greek (location on Travis St. is in the one in this neighborhood; Coit Rd locale is in N. Dallas)

        You can find restaurant reviews/locations/etc. in the GuideLive section of the Dallas Morning News. (http;//