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Apr 10, 2013 02:35 PM

Good dessert place for two year anniversary

I need a good place to take my girlfriend of two years to for dessert, it can be anywhere in the city and any budget. we will be going a nice Italian restaurant but they don't have a nice dessert menu. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Emma Bengtsson, the pastry chef at Michelin-starred Aquavit was nominated for Food & Wine magazine's The People's Best New Pastry Chef. Check out their Facebook page, as they were featuring her creations in attempt to drum up votes. You could likely have dessert in their lounge area, but not sure up to what time.

    NOTE: She lost to some diner in the south.

    I also thought the Jean Georges 'themed' trinity of desserts was great recently. (Choose one theme and get three different celebrations of that ingredient: Caramel, chocolate, seasonal fruit, etc.) You could have that in the bar area.

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      Just had a few of the desserts at Aquavit the other night, and can vouch for their awesomeness. One of the best - the "Arctic Bird's Nest" - is usually only on the tasting menu, though. Not sure if they'd do a reservation for just desserts (could always kibosh the Italian and go with them for dinner) but you can always call and ask.

      At WD-50 you can order (amazing) desserts a la carte at the bar, but you never know if there'll be seats. If it's a weeknight, though, you'd probably be okay.

      There are a few dessert-only places - Chickalicious, SPOT Dessert Bar, the various locations of Momofuku Milk Bar - none of the MMBs have seating, really, but if you go to the EV location you could always grab some sweets to go and take them to Booker & Dax (Momofuku's cocktail bar) across the street.

      Otherwise... would help to know what part of town you'll be in for dinner, if you're sticking to that plan. I know you say anywhere, but you don't want to go from Upper West to Lower East or something between courses.