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Apr 10, 2013 02:29 PM

Best Restaurants - Five nights in San Francisco

I could use a little advice. I am from Boston. I will be in San Francisco for five nights next week and would like to make the most of them. I was hoping for recommendations in SOMA, Mission and Downtown/Nob Hill.

I would like to avoid formal dinning. The price-point isn't critical. I am more interested in slightly off-the-beaten-path neighborhood spots that have a casual / hip feel with great food where some old friends can catch up. It would be nice to have a few ethnic options (preferably Chinese and Indian) in the mix.

In case anyone is familiar with Boston and San Francisco, my favorites are Coppa, Myers and Chang, Craigie on main, Puritan & Co, West Bridge, Hungry Mother.

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  1. I would not want to discourage anyone from responding, but I would strongly encourage you to spend 15-20 minutes scrolling thru the many, many posts already here that cover what you are asking about. You can also go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do searches for any of the neighborhoods where you would like to dine (SOMA, Mission, Nob Hill, etc.) or any of the types of food you are looking for (Thai, Italian, Mexican, etc.).

    You will find a ton of suggestions and information already here for you to review.

    Here is a past thread on casual Asian dining:

    1. Good ethnic where it's pleasant and quiet enough for friends to hang out and catch up, Angkor-Borei (Cambodian), Helmand Palace (Afghan), Maykadeh (Persian), Mandalay (Burmese), Bodega Bistro (Vietnamese).

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        1. I hear ya loud and clear. i DROOL for Coppa. and M&C is a must visit every time I am there

          I think most recs will be:

          State Bird
          Rich Table
          Bar Tartine
          I will throw in Bix
          Zare at Flytrap

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            Rich Table and State Bird are going to be very tricky on one week's notice.