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Apr 10, 2013 02:00 PM

Munich's Best and Most Authentic Restaurants??... Help, Please!!

I'm in Munich for 5 days. I'm looking for a combination of the best and most authentically Munich restaurants. I love to eat, but i'm most interested in eating something special to Munich which i really can't get of the same quality anywhere else in the world

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    1. I am curious where you ate. Can you give any recommendations for restaurants in Munich (sit-down, food stands, or a particular stand-out dish)? We are going to Oktoberfest next month.

      1. The Haufbrauhaus is famous. Originally the royal brewery and a popular place for Nazi functions, they now serve traditional food, and great beer, complete with oom-pah-pah music. I've eaten there twice and the food was good, but the service will make you feel like a widget on an assembly line. Part of that is just the difference between American and European service, but they're also a huge place serving a LOT of guests.

        We also ate at a Prinz Myshkin, a vegetarian restaurant, and everything was delicious. That's saying a lot when you consider that one 1 in our party of 3 was vegan.

        We didn't notice a lot in the way of street food, not like Berlin. We did, however, really enjoy the Viktualienmarkt - sort of a farmer's market on steroids.