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Apr 10, 2013 01:55 PM

Madrid dining question-what is Asturian food?

I keep hearing about Asturian food and cider...can you please fill me in here. Would love to try some regional food while in Madrid. Thanks

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  1. Asturias, is a land of lush. wet green mountains in the north.It's the home of the amazing cabrales cheese, cidra/cider and fabes. Fabes is a do/aoc bean which is sued to make the great fabada stew w/morcillia. Carlos Tartiere in barrio salamanca is a great Sunday early afternoon jaunt. They usually have a celtic bagpiper and all Asturiano families are there eating and pouring/splashing cidra.....

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      Morekasha, thanks for the explanation. We won' t be in Madrid on a Sunday. With only 4 dinners in Madrid, would you focus on Asturian food? We will be in Sevilla for 3 evenings so figure we will have the Andalusian food down. My dinners in Madrid are posing issues-we have Laredo for our first dinner on a Monday and then 2 evenings with Lua. Am looking for other dinners...thanks for any recommendations.

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        Laredo! Is very nice and that's a great non touristy hood, my pal has lived there for many a year and that's where Carlos T is, maybe go for a night cap cidra or Orujo. Galician aka Gallego is always a good choice as there are many, many Gallego places in Madrid. Gallegos invented the Empanada (here it's a tuna pie), they do great things w/fish and their pulpo is practically a national icon. Also, Albarino vino is quite tasty and inexpensive. Los Asturianos is a nice Asturian wine bar. The grandmother is in the kitchen, I wen there on a Sunday night for a drink and they were very friendly, the food looked delish. Personally I think you're on the right road w/regional food in Madrid. it's what I love so much about Madrid. Try getting the variety of regional food in Paris that you get in Madrid, it ain't happening....

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          Hi and thanks again. Los Asturianos was on my long list so I will revisit. One evening we planned on tapas and wanted to try Txirimiri for Basque food and Xentes for Galician food. I studied in Madrid many years ago and lived with 2 Galician viudas and have had my share of cod! Keep the regional recommendations coming.
          I enjoy albarino - have never tried orujo-que es?

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            Orujo is the local pomace brandy. Orujo is the Spanish word for pomace and the full name is aguardiente de orujo. Galicians call it aguardiente. It's similar to grappa or marc. Orujo comes plain or flavoured. I particularly enjoy orjuo de hierbas which is flavoured with a mix of herbs.

            If going for Galician food, keep an eye out for empanada de zamburiñas (variegated scallop) or anything with zamburiñas. They are quite tasty.

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              I prefer the honey Orujo. It's usually served ice cold after a meal. The Asturianos make it from apple. I had a whole lesson on it in a Navarra bar in Pontevedra, good stuff.

    2. El Paraguas is the best Asturian restaurant in Madrid.

      For Galician dishes I'd recommend Villa de Foz on Calle Gonzalo de Córdoba 10. For splurge dining O'Pazo: