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Good Goudas?

Particularly good goudas? Suggestions?

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  1. I'm not big into Gouda (more a Leyden guy), but now and then I get a couple of Baby Goudas added to my iGourmet order. I notice they have a LOT of choices however and thought their list might be of interest to you. If you've never bought from them, be assured they are a top-notch company.

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      Is Leyden the cheese with cumin seeds?

      I like most of the Gouda cheese I've tasted; just not smoked Gouda. Most recently I bought 3 year aged Gouda from WF. Name escapes me but it was coated in black wax.

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        Yeah, I "discovered" it when, for a while, I couldn't get Norwegian Nokkelost. Now, I find I like it better.


    2. Aged gouda with butterscotch-like, crunchy tryrosine crystallization is my favorite cheese. Don't confuse it with the mass-produced, wax-covered, mild (or smoked) cheese your mom may have bought at the supermarket.


      Also take a look at Mimolette

      Less intense is the goat Ballerina and sheep Ewephoria.

      Lots of good suggestions here too:

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          I love those crunchy crystals - I'm not sure the name but I buy the 5 year aged Gouda from Uniekass and it's filled with crystals.

        2. I like the aged Dutch Goudas a great deal! I haven't run across a domestic gouda that develops the depth of Butterscotch Diadactyl nuttiness as a great 3, 5, or even 7 year!
          On the other hand, the Midwest abounds with amazing young-ish to middle aged goudas that are really complex and full of character- I hope to see them aged further!
          Current Faves:
          Fleur de Terre from Traders Point Creamery- Natural rind, organic grassfed milk- tangy, supple, earthy

          Frisian Farms Gouda- farmstead, super complex buttery grassy notes

          Feather Ridge from Ludwig Farmstead creamery- really a fontina, but tangy, nutty, almost meaty

          And my all time go-to domestic gouda: Emmi-Roth Kase VanGogh Gouda- creamy, caramelly, "if each slice of American Cheese were lovingly made by hand, it might taste this good" perfect for kids of all ages.

          1. A 3-yr aged firm Gouda is on my list of favorites. A little less expensive, but good, is Beemster Classic Gouda, aged 18 months.
            They also make a very good Goat Gouda that becomes very complex as it ages.

            1. My personal favorites:
              Beemster XO
              L'Amuse Gouda (not available everywhere)

              I used to sell a ton of a cheese called Parrano. It's billed as a gouda texture that has the taste and bite of Parm. I think it's alright but my friends and customers go CRAZY for it.

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                Trader Joe's (among others) carries Parrano. It's another one of those "winner on a cheese plate" cheeses, i.e. a cheese that will please both the cheese-o-philes and the cheese neophytes.

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                  With you on the Beemster XO. I also love Robusto, which is Parrano, only older. They're now calling it "Parrano Robusto" -- I guess UnieKaas is capitalizing on the name-recognition of Parrano.

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                    Beemster XO is my current favorite cheese.

                  2. To add to other's lists, Primadonna for those who like Van Gogh or other 1-2 year aged and the one year with cumin is awesome as well.

                    1. I'm quite fond of the Wegman's 5 year gouda.

                      1. Roth Kase of Monroe has wonderful goudas. But the creamery that pushed them off the pedestal for domestic gouda is Marieke of Thorpe Wisconsin. Emigrees from the Netherlands using raw milk from their own cows. Getting more and more expensive as they continue to win more and more prizes.

                        1. Midnight Moon from Cypress Grove is a very good Gouda made for them in Holland. It is dense and smooth with bits of crystallized Proteins hints of Caramel and Brown Butter.
                          Unfortunately Winchester Gouda is no longer made

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                            Just to add, Midnight Moon is a goat gouda.

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                                Not quite. Cypress Grove also makes a very good sheep's milk cheese called "Lamb Chopper."

                                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                  What a great name for a sheep's milk cheese. Cheeses do have some great names!

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    One chowhound wit calls it "Lamb on a cycle"!

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                                    Oh yeah, I forgot that one! It is a bit of a one off for them, yes?

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                                      I guess so. Excellent cheese, though I guess I'm biased because I prefer sheep's milk cheeses to goat's milk cheeses (or for that matter, all other things being equal (i.e. style and quality of cheese), cow's milk cheeses).

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                                        Hell, I bet I'd like Camels Milk Cheese.

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                                          Might be good. I've had yak's milk cheese.

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                                                The hardworking fairies of this Cheese Board moved some yak cheese threads to populate our new forum. More info here:


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                                  I love Midnight Moon - it's got a little of the sweetness of the aged gouda's and a little barnyardy goat taste - but it's still a pretty mild cheese.

                                  There is a cheese called Memoire - http://www.memoire.nl/eng/index.html , it is a black truffle gouda - and it's outstanding. If you taste it once you will want it again (and again...) - It's cheese crack!

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                                  I am not a Goat cheese fan but this cheese is fantastic. I buy it every week now.

                                4. thanx for all the links

                                  1. I tried an apple smoked Gouda for the first time and actually liked it quite a bit. First time I've ever gone for a 2nd slice of smoked cheese.

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                                      I agree. I grabbed a local Applewood smoked baby raw milk Gouda tonight and it's great. I don't just snack on cheese much but I keep going back for more to nibble on.