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Apr 10, 2013 12:11 PM

Need a dinner idea today: Lots of feta, vegetarian, ideally GF

I know...pain in the butt. We do a mealshare with our neighbors and tonight is my night to cook. Their daughter is a vegetarian and my husband can't have gluten :/. I have a fairly well-stocked kitchen, and am hoping to avoid hitting the store. I have a big chunk of feta I need to use, so, while not mandatory, it'd be great. We aren't very picky eaters, love beans and rice and soups. I do have a little GF pasta and some GF flour so can sub if needed. What are your favorite recipes that fit? Thanks!

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  1. How about this?

    It's very adaptable. You can sub feta for the goat cheese (and you can use EVOO instead of walnut oil, any kind of nut, shallots or red onion instead of scallion, etc.)

    1. What about something like these feta and black bean tacos?

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          The tacos get my vote. These are really tasty and quick. Make extra slaw and add jalapeƱo if you can. Filling makes a lot more than 4 tacos specified in recipe. It's all about the pan-fried crispy corn tortillas.

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            Thanks all! I went with the tacos, though I'll keep the other ideas for next time. I liked the tacos a lot and will definitely make them again, though I did find the bean part a little dry and might mix a little salsa or something into it next time. I doubled the recipe and made about 10 or 12 tacos, with lots of slaw left over. Jalapeno would have been great!

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              Salsa verde would be a delicious way to moisten the bean filling.

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                That's a great idea. Much better match for the flavors than regular salsa. I have a bunch of green tomato salsa I canned; that'd be worth a try.

        2. There is this warm farro salad with feta (is farro OK for GF, not sure): You could always sub quinoa or barley for the farro.

          There is a full on Greek salad: cukes, tomatoes, onion, feta, black olives, chickpeas, artichokes and so on although of course that is best with summer veggies.

          1. Rice salad with feta, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, scallions and beans. Toss ingredients with chili flakes and a lemon and mint vinagrette. Dill could be a nice alternative.

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              This sort of thing was my first thought, except I would use quinoa instead of rice. It's basically tabbouleh salad only using quinoa vs. couscous. I would not have thought of putting beans in it, but it can't hurt. Quinoa is super fast and simple to prepare, and tastes good too.