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Mississippi River Road Plantation Restaurants

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We will be touring the plantations north of New Orleans and are seeking recommendations for restaurants. Already have Latil's Landing dinner reservations but would appreciate other recommendations.

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  1. Hymels


    I don't know about The Cabin. It's been years since I've stopped there

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      Went to The Cabin years ago also. Thanks for reminding me of this special piece of history.

    2. We had a fun and tasty lunch at B&C Seafood, in Vacherie, after touring the Laura plantation.

      1. We are big fans of B and C. We have been there multiple times and have always been made to feel like a local. Always frustrated that we cannot buy the shrimp in their store. Huge LA shrimp at 6 bucks a pound and what am I going to do with them on vacation? Nice to know I have their seafood spice in the closet to use as opposed to Old Bay.