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Oct 19, 2001 06:49 PM

romantic place for two

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It's my birthday and I would like to go out to a nice, quiet, romantic resturant where I won't be around a lot of children. Of course, the food has to be great! Thanks.

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  1. I don't know what your idea of romance is, but I personally like to be seduced by food and wine before any other seduction takes place. Try these: Jeffrey's, Wink, Ella's, Si Bon, Castle Hill, Gumbo's, Cafe at the Four Seasons, and maybe the best on the list, The Grill at the Driskill Hotel. The kitchen there is run, I believe, by one of Dean Fearing's proteges and the restored 1800s hotel is just spectacular now. If one strikes your fancy, make a posting about it and you're sure to all the info you need.

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      Jim Wilkerson

      My wife and I are going to The Driskill Grill this Friday for an anniversary dinner.

      Greg and others - Any recommendations on what to order?

      1. re: Jim Wilkerson

        I've had the bbq duck burrito, the rack of lamb, and red snapper. All good. I've seen other stuff go by and it all looked and smelled great.