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Use your words... More "talk like a cheesemonger" info!

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Hi, all!
I love that there is a whole board just for cheese now! Haven't updated my profile for a while but I am a professional Cheesmonger for a retail chain notorious for the percentage of your paycheck you'll leave with us... but I digress.
There was a great post a month back from HillJ about learning Cheese terms- much of which came from Wisconsin's excellent site. Here's another:


Comte is a D.O.P. Alpine cheese from France, quite similar to Gruyere but distinct in both flavor and texture (more nutty, less earthy/sweet). They have one of the most informative websites I've found on how to understand cheese especially the following Flavor/aroma chart:


I love that thing! I refer to it when I encounter a new cheese.
Share and enjoy! (great recipes, too!)

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  1. Awesome lunchb and so nice to have you back!

    Keep those great links coming.

    1. lunchbox, thank you for this! i'm in the throes of writing a novel set in a cheese shop (delicious research!) and this is really great fodder for me.
      i searched in vain to find the thread you mentioned that hillj posted about cheese terms. should you find it in your heart to link to it here, i would be so grateful! (not that scrolling through many cheese posts wasn't delicious...but i failed to locate it.)

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      1. re: chez cherie

        aha! found it!

      2. http://www.britishcheese.com/cheese_f...

        I figured while I was reading the British cheese flavor map, I'd share it here.