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Apr 10, 2013 10:00 AM

Knock-off Raincoast Crisps Crackers in a smaller size? Source?

I was at an event recently and the cheese plate contained something that looked a lot like a Raincoast Crisp cracker but was smaller in size. It didn’t taste as good as the larger RC cracker but was tasty in its own right. And given the crowd and the lousy cheese it was companion too, I am guessing it was a knock off. The RC website doesn’t mention a smaller cracker. Would be nice for passed

Anyone recognize the source?

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  1. There is another Cracker that is very similar to the Raincoast Crisps: also from B.C. called Rock Creek Crisps (subtle, eh?) they're only slightly smaller- and only faintly cheaper.

    1. Possibly they Margaret's Artisan Crisps?

      How much smaller were they- the Margaret's are only slightly smaller.


      1. trader joe's rosemary raisin crackers. i'm nearly positive this is what you are referencing. little squares of sweet, crunchy goodness for a teeny price.